HOLLYWOOD—So Kareem is not dead, that is the bomb that was dropped in last week’s cliffhanger on “The Oval.” This week’s episode, ‘Gathering Evidence’ saw Dale questioning Kareem about his disappearance and it was apparent he was keep a whopper of a secret because he doesn’t want the truth to come out about Hunter Franklin making those threats. You last your phone, Kareem, really?

Barry is a petulant little child and he’s annoying as hell. Nancy had to intervene when she heard Barry and Sharon arguing. About time someone put Barry’s disrespectful ass in his place. Richard made it clear Sharon was going nowhere, while he was about to go visit Kareem. Father and son nearly came to blows, and Barry needed to blow off some serious steam people.

Eli, Simone, Bobby, Max and Sam had a conversation about their next move to ensure the taken down of Hunter and Victoria. Sam spilled tea that Hunter has been harassing Sharon and wants her to be his mistress. When Max learned about Kyle’s latest stunt it sent shockwaves. Especially when, Simone and Eli learned Kyle and Donald are having an affair; details about Jean’s murder came to light and Kyle discussed the altercation with Denise and Victoria. Bobby was forced to share that Lilly knows about Donald and Kyle covering up a murder.

Hmm, it seems Eli knows that Sam was entangled with Victoria, which left Max smiling and using the term ‘entanglement’ which was code for sex. Simone did not appear happy people. Simone and Eli are starting to question who they can trust and they have every reason to do so. Richard stopped by Kareem’s place to speak to Kareem, who was beyond guarded and it was apparent he was scared for his life. If you only knew Kareem, Richard is more than a butler. Agent Grip shared details about Kyle’s location to Donald which got him all giddy inside people.

Sharon was overly apologetic to Nancy about the situation, and Sharon misread the cues and a bit of tea was spilled that scared Nancy. The POTUS kidnapped her and has been stalking her and this woman got freaked out about the danger that could be lurking at her doorstep. Donald tried to get Hunter to realize that he’d have to neutralize Jason to prevent the current predicament from spinning further out of control. Donald just loves to play puppet master. When Hunter realized that Kyle is being held captive in the bunker, but I’m not sure Kyle is going to be prepared for the a**kicking that is headed in his direction.

Richard got an update from Sam about the plan to gather all the evidence and have it used to expose the corrupt administration. Donald you know, it would not hurt you to have a heart. The dirty deeds have a way of reaching the surface, usually when you least expect it. Yeah it was apparent Allan could care less about what Donald was saying, and what was the purpose of that conversation? Sharon want clarification and Richard assured her that she has to not fish for information, and that he assured her that he will protect her to the depths of the Earth.

Priscilla learned from Richard that the Vice President wanted to meet with them to turn over evidence and the hot one was all in, that was until she learned that Sam would be leading the pack. Something tells me Sam’s life is about to be at risk, which prompted Priscilla to contact Alonzo as she need to chat with him to discuss that ‘situation’ she talked to him about. Alonzo had some tea he wanted to share, but not OVER the phone, smart people. Looks like Agent Grip was seeking from Intel from Alonzo and Allan, just as Sam arrived back at The White House.

Sam wanted to speak with Kyle, who with a bit of weaponry in his arsenal he still refused to chat. Kyle issued another threat to Sam about taking out his wife Priscilla and he threatened rape Priscilla. That is damn and I mean damn vicious and that is a line he should not have crossed. I wish Tyler Perry would stop torturing us with this buildup and just let it transpire people. Well I’ll be damned, Kyle has a gun, Victoria is desperate to ensure Jason doesn’t talk and Priscilla and Allan compare notes people.