SANTA MONICA—Awards season may be over, but it still lingers throughout the year. On Sunday, June 5, the 2022 MTV Movie & TV Awards were held with actress Vanessa Hudgens hosting festivities. The “Emily in Paris” bit was not hilarious and that “House of Gucci” bit didn’t have me rolling off the couch people. The “Top Gun” bit was somewhat sellable. With Snoop Dogg controlling the music this might be a fun ceremony people. The first award of the night for Breakthrough Performance went to Sophia Di Martino for her work in the TV series “Loki.”

The great thing about the MTV Movie & TV Awards is we get exclusive peaks at upcoming films slated to hit theaters in the coming months. However, we didn’t get too many peaks beyond “Thor: Love and Thunder” and “Elvis,” but those movies are headed to the multiplex within the next month. Best Music Documentary earned a Golden Popcorn for Olivia Rodrigo. FYI for those not in the know, if certain people are in attendance and others are NOT, that is a sign who might be victorious people. Daniel Radcliff was victorious in the Best Villain race for his performance in “The Lost City.” Hmm, a villain over Michael Myers? I think not.

Awkwafina presented the Comedic Genius prize to Jack Black, and I sometimes wonder why MTV feels the reason to have this award each year. Best Song was a win for surprise, surprise, Jennifer Lopez who was there to accept one of the big awards of the night. The song “On My Way” was from the romantic comedy “Marry Me.” The cast of “Top Gun: Maverick,” Glen Powell and Jay Ellis presented the MTV Movie Award for Best Fight to Cassie vs. Maddy for “Euphoria.”

Music royalty provided an exclusive look at the upcoming biopic, “Elvis.” That later led to a musical performance by Diplo and Swai Lee. Perhaps the one category that people anticipate each year is Best Kiss and this one was a sizzler as the Golden Popcorn went to Poppies and the Snake from “Jackass: Forever.” Seriously, like seriously! I couldn’t believe this. Jeez, this was the moment of the awards show as a massive anaconda was brought to the stage for a kiss. The people from “Jackass” really take their stunts too serious people.

The MTV Movie Award for Best Team was a win for the case of “Loki.” As teased earlier, the Generation Award was given to Jennifer Lopez as a highlight of some of her biggest moments in cinema. It was truly a moving speech from Jennifer who was honest, sincere and in tears while on stage. Zendaya was victorious in the Best Performance in a Show category for her work in “Euphoria.” For an awards show that was two be 2 hours long, why was the biggest prize of the night, Best Movie presented 30 minutes earlier by “Lightyear” star Chris Evans? I guess the big prize no longer matters people, as “Spider-Man: No Way Home” took the prize and rightfully so.

Jenna Ortega won for Best Frightened Performance for that epic opening scene in “Scream,” the 2022 version. Best Comedic Performance went to Ryan Reynolds for “Free Guy.” Scarlett Johansson won Best Hero for “Black Widow,” while Tom Holland won the prize for Best Performance in a Movie for “Spider-Man: No Way Home.” Yeah, with two hours, I feel like more categories should have been announced.

The night capped off with “Euphoria” winning the prize for Best Show which was accepted on behalf of Sydney Sweeney. Bored! That is the best way I can describe the 2022 MTV Movie & TV Awards. I wanted to be entertained and I did not get much of that America.