HOLLYWOOD—He wants revenge and Leo Stark is targeting all the people who blew up his marriage to Craig on “Days of Our Lives.” Now as a viewer, I was hoping that Leo’s reign of terror in Salem would be short-lived, but it looks like he plans to punish EVERYONE that wronged him. That means: Abigail, Chad, Sonny, Chloe and Brady are all in his crosshairs. He has already targeted Chad with that expose, and he recently went after Sonny by drugging him with cookies and taking scandalous photos that have been published.

This resulted in Sonny realizing that his foe has only amplified the threat against him and the people he cares most about. Will returned to Salem to warn his hubby of the danger that Leo Stark poses to him and his family. I find it crazy that Leo is targeting people of such powerful caliber. The Kiriakis clan, the DiMera clan, like does this kid have a death warrant waiting for him or something people because these are people with NOT only money, but extreme power.

Rumblings have been underway for weeks now that a major murder mystery is underway on “Days of Our Lives” who that individual is and rather it’s a major player or not is still under wraps even though rumblings are out there people. His target is now Abigail, who Leo is hoping to use Gwen, Abby’s sister to help in his plot.

Now Gwen is already the town pariah and if something were to happen to Abigail, I see no way how Gwen would even manage to stick around in Salem people, she might have a death warrant pople. Jack would disown her, Xander already hates her guts for what she did to Sarah, who could Gwen possibly turn to? Yeah, she has no one people. However, I am eager to see what Leo has in store for Chloe and Brady, especially now that Nancy knows Chloe is in danger. I mean Nancy is chummy with Clyde and Clyde is the last person I think Leo wants to go toe-to-toe with, but perhaps we could see a Leo murder mystery in the works. The guy has plenty of enemies so it would indeed make perfect sense people.

In more intriguing news, Rafe and Nicole are engaged to be married, but a hiccup is coming people. Why? Eric has been let go from the priesthood, he has lingering feelings for Nicole and Nicole is still in love with Eric people. Looks like Nicole and Rafe’s marriage will be tested if they even make it down the aisle people. The love blues are lingering as well for Gabi and Jake. Jake is playing house with Ava and they’ve slept together, but that was only after Gabi slept with Li Shin. Both Gabi and Jake want to realign with one another, but unfortunately they are in relationships attempting to make the other jealous, but the heart wants what the heart wants and it should transpire in given time.

I knew this would happen, but I’m surprised that it has happened already with Belle and EJ giving into temptation and sharing a passionate kiss. Yes, the writers have been teasing this twosome since Belle took on EJ’s case after he was framed for kidnapping Sami by Lucas. The bond between these two has been building slowly, but surely and with EJ being a listening ear for Belle who has been dealing with drama in her own marriage with Shawn and Jan. FYI, Jan is pregnant with Shawn’s baby and taking over Belle’s abode and she’s not happy. Jan asked Ben to watch his newborn and he was completely against it, but as Jan noted Ben is NO SAINT! Yes, Ben Weston you are a murderer, you killed people so this thought that you have no past and are completely reformed is BS people.

Chad witnessed that kiss between his brother and Belle, but you know who truly won’t be happy about this: Sami Brady! Sami has not returned to Salem just yet, but she is expected to arrive soon people and you better believe learning her little sister is in a romance with her ex-husband is going to cause all kinds of fireworks people.