HOLLYWOOD—How long can you be in Salem without being exposed on “Days of Our Lives?” Well, ask Everett Lynch, because after being in Salem for months, he was FINALLY busted by his ex-wife Jada, as Bobby Stein. Yes. The inevitable dinner date (as it seemed everyone in Salem was celebrating love) transpired as Jada FINALLY came face-to-face with her ex-husband, who tried to play the aloof card.

Rafe was bewildered and Stephanie could not fathom what she was hearing, as Everett acted as if the two never met before. Thankfully, Stephanie has a father who is a bit of a spy who can dig up important details when needed. Steve confirmed that Everett Lynch and Bobby Stein are the same person, so Everett good luck on explaining to Stephanie the details on your past and we all know there is no twist of Everett having a twin. If it were the case, he would NOT have been that quick to elude his ex for such a period of time.

It is not just Everett’s past with Jada that has me questioning things, but I think he has ties to Clyde Weston. His arrival in Salem was just suspect and he seems to always be lurking at the most interesting times as I examine the chaos erupting in Salem. Yes, Clyde Weston is the catalyst of utter mayhem currently with so many residents in Salem with his drug business.

Not only is he behind Harris being shot and fighting for his life, but he had goons set ablaze to the Horton house to send a message to Chad about that article published by The Spectator. The reason I suspect Everett is involved because he was the person who wrote the story, not Chad, so if you want to send a message you go after the reporter not the publisher.

Speaking of Harris, we already know the character is on his way out with Steve Burton returning to “General Hospital” in March. How he leaves the soap is still up in the air, but I’ll just say it ain’t looking good at the moment. Ava has professed her love to Harris, but it might be a bit too late because she already hit the sheets with Stefan who is making EJ look like a saint compared to his latest stunts. Stefan you are a DiMera you could easily have Clyde taken out, so just do it. Harris did recognize his shooter, who I suspect is Officer Goldman who has already kidnapped Tripp and Wendy and is using them as leverage.

C’mon, the Salem Police Department should be able to connect the dots in regards to what is unfolding here. With Clyde making so many enemies now I feel like FINALLY the writers are going to take this villain out once and for all. I mean you have Kate, Lucas, Roman, Harris, Ava, Chad, Rafe, Jada, Stefan, Tripp, Wendy and now you can add Xander to the list.

Yes, Xander and Sarah were finally taking their relationship to the next level, when boom, cops busted in and arrested him for the attempted murder on Harris. We know whoever shot Harris was injured in the shoulder, and guess who has an injury Officer Goldman, what a coincidence. Xander has received threatening phones calls, as have Chad, and now evidence has been planted making Xandy look guiltier by the minute. He has professed his innocence to Sarah who believes him, but the thought of Officer Goldman being the culprit, just feels too easy for me, wouldn’t you agree?

Theresa was surprised, but then full of rage after realizing Alex didn’t really want to propose marriage to her. I mean you guys haven’t even dated for a year, it is too soon, not to mention Theresa is responsible for upending Alex’s world with that big lie, which will be expected sooner than later. Who is framing Xander? Is Stefan in too deep now that he cannot turn back? Let’s just say this if you’re giving an award for storytelling for February Sweeps, “Days of Our Lives” wins easily over the other three soaps.