HOLLYWOOD─Only in the soap arena do we see families literally go to war, and it’s evident now more than ever on the CBS soap “The Young and the Restless.” Adam Newman is glowing with the thought that he finally pulled one over on dear ole dad Victor Newman, unfortunately it looks like Victor will deliver the last laugh. I knew there was more to this story the moment that Victor delivered those callous responses to Adam’s veiled threats.

I mean this is Victor Newman people, when do you recall this guy ever shaking in his boots while being blackmailed. Chelsea was coy to Chloe about the news that could change her life, regarding Adam stealing Newman under Victoria, Nick, Nikki and Victor’s eyes, but whispers were delivered people and before the dust settles a war that is brewing is likely to explode in epic fashion people. Nikki has clued both Victoria and Nikki into what is exactly going on, but the audience is still in the dark, but we do indeed know something is up.

Speaking of Victoria, the girl is a viper just like her father. She went to work on the Adam takedown, by alerting Alyssa that Adam screwed her over. Yeah, he never intended to get that story he claimed to have published, and she was heated. However, Victoria alerted her to stay calm and keep quiet as they plan Adam ultimate downfall.

Nick was livid to learn about the change of guard and made it clear to Adam and Chelsea that he planned to usher in their takedown, just as he had a weapon in his arsenal: Phyllis. Remember Phyllis is not a fan of Adam and Chelsea, and she knows what Adam did in Las Vegas so that is only leverage that Nick can use to blackmail Adam right back. So this is a war I’m really liking right now people.

Switching to another family war, Theo and Kyle Abbott are at war to win over Jack who was livid their little rivalry spooked Dina who is diminishing in capacity more and more each day. With that said, threats have been made between Kyle and Theo, but both are secretly scared that the other will one-up them. In the midst of that rivalry, Summer and Lola are also rooting for their respective loves, so it will be intriguing to see how things pan out. One would expect Jack to fire whoever fails to complete the rebranding task for Jabot, but that seems way too easy. However, Summer’s instincts about Kendra being Theo’s spy proved accurate and a plan was set into motion to deliver a fake project so Theo would expose his true colors.

At first, when Jack brought the cousins together I was certain that he was going to let both know he was returning to the company to fully run things, but it seems between Dina and his budding friendship with Jill he’s not looking at Jabot as the end game. Looks like Kyle and Summer got the last laugh, at least for now.

From one romance to another, Amanda and Nate FINALLY went on their first date and shared a kiss. The writers were dancing around the issue for months, but it finally transpired this week. I still think we’re looking at a situation where Devon will end up with Amanda and Nate will end up with Elena. Nate and Elena just have that chemistry that seemed like those two should be an item, but Billy seems smitten by Amanda for reasons I cannot explain.

The same is starting to spark between Billy and Lily. They’re working together, they are not fond of one another and with Amanda off the table, as well as Victoria it looks like Billy might see himself stuck with the one person he never expected to be stuck with. This same sentiment can be echoed with Phyllis and Nick. At first what seemed like friends with benefits, they seem to be falling back into the romance department and I will admit I’m all for it.

They balance each other. Nick cools Phyllis and her antics down, while Phyllis finds a way to soften Nick’s rage that he has at times. However, can you imagine Phyllis and Nick having a common goal or better yet a common enemy in the one and only: Adam Newman.