WEST HOLLYWOOD—Prince Street Pizza is a reputable New York city pizza restaurant  announced a new location is set to open in West Hollywood on Saturday, November 14. The new establishment will be located at 9161 Sunset Blvd., and is the only West Coast location with their home base in New York. For a few weeks customers had the opportunity to order from their menu in Los Angeles through Goldbelly, a food shipping website available across the country, before demand outweighed the store. 

Prince St. Pizza is notable for their sliced and squared pizzas. The current location of Prince Street Pizza was  another pizza spot known as Ray’s, which was owned by Lucchese crime member Ralph Cuomo, and has become a staple in its neighborhood of Nolita, according to New York Post.

Their main attraction is the square shaped and cheese heavy pizzas, such as their Soho square pizza and spicy spring pizza slices, as reported by LA Eater. Ever since they opened in 2012, they have garnered much acclaim like “nine best restaurants in America you have to try in your lifetime” by CNBC. 

Through their official social media accounts, the owner, Dominic Morano posted updates of the Los Angeles location, including the set backs caused by the restrictions of the pandemic.