Status Of US Senate And Congressional Seats

UNITED STATES−During the November 3 election, a total of 35 U.S. Senate seats and all 435 House seats were up for grabs, with two special elections being held for U.S. Senate seats.

Republicans held 53 seats in the Senate, Democrats held a total of 45 seats, while Independents held onto two seats.

Tom Tillis (R-NC) At Trump Rally

North Carolina Senate candidate, Thom Tillis won a second term after his opponent, Cal Cunningham conceded. Tillis is the 49th GOP Senator elected to the 117 Congress scheduled to meet in Washington.

“This was a hard-fought campaign, and I wish nothing but the best to Cal and his family going forward,” said Tillis.

Cunningham conceded following a sex scandal over some reports and accusations of sexting and texting with allegations of an alleged extramarital affair that became public toward the end of the Senate race.

The North Carolina race has been reported as the most expensive race in history exceeding $200 million.

Alaska’s Senate race shows Dan Sullivan in the lead with 149,669 votes or 57.5 percent against Al Gross with 97,608 votes compared to 37.5 percent.

The state of Alaska has a third candidate, John Wayne Howe who is running as an Independent and carries 5 percent of the vote for a total of 12,916 votes. Seventy-four percent of Alaska’s Senate votes have been counted.

Alaska is one of the states that has only 75 percent of their votes for President calculated with President Trump in the lead with 148,624 votes or 56.9 percent and Joe Biden with 39.1 percent for a total of 102,080 votes.

Georgia’s Senate race is still too close to call and will face a run-off election between the incumbent, David Perdue, Jon Ossoff and Shane Hazel on January 5, 2021.

“Georgia is very important to the President. Also, we’re going to flip some seats, and we’ve got two Senate seats to win. Don’t forget about that,” said Republican National Committee co-chair, Tommy Hicks.

Tom Perez, Chairman of the Democrat National Committee said, “Georgia is critical. There’s not a state in the country that has two Senate races going on this year so Georgia has twice as much opportunity as any other state.”

In the state of Alabama, Republican Tommy Tuberville was victorious over Democrat Doug Jones in the Senate race.

Democrat Mark Kelly was selected as Senator over Republican Martha McSally in Arizona during a Special Election, and Democrat candidate, John Hickenlooper was chosen as Senator in Colorado over Cory Gardener. Republicans won majorities in the New Hampshire House and Senate.