HOLLYWOOD—I am so happy that the writers are actually utilizing the character of Eric Forrester (John McCook) on the CBS soap “The Bold and the Beautiful.” I mean let’s be real, McCook and Katherine Kelly Lang are the only two stars who have been on the soap since its premiere in 1987. Yes, Brooke has always been front-and-center, but the problem is Eric should be a focal point just as much if not more, hello, Forrester Creations is his baby people.

With that said, a storyline is revolving around Eric and his arthritis which is impacting his ability to draw. So who comes in to help save the day? RJ, his grandson, who Ridge was hoping would be under his tutelage. RJ has a bond with Eric that is slowly developing, and I like what I am seeing. The actors have chemistry together on the screen and it works. Only RJ, Donna and Eric know that information, and they have held onto that secret, which is prompting Ridge to dig a bit. Ridge your intuition is correct, but your pulse is not directly on the money.

With that said, Eric wants to create his legacy line, one that Ridge seems to be against. It raises the question why? Ridge are you afraid of your father besting you? Let’s be honest, Eric taught Ridge everything he learned just like Ridge taught Thomas everything he learned. RJ is the one caveat that seems to have a natural gift for it, and he’s getting his tutelage from his grandfather who knows design. Brooke is really irking my skin with this notion that “Ridge is CEO of FC.” No s*** Brooke, but guess what, Eric is the founder for FC. It is his company, and it always has been, he’s been shoved to the side for people like Steffy and Ridge, and he’s been dismissed when he should be placed on a pedestal.

As a result, Eric and RJ are working together on a line to duel against Ridge. I’m assuming Thomas will assist Ridge with his line which will help strengthen their bond. With that said, Ridge and Brooke are a bit overconfident. I think they are about to be wowed with what Eric and RJ put together. Even more threatening is the fact that RJ is starting to emerge as an up and coming designer with a talent that could make him a foe to Thomas and open Hope’s eyes that her little brother has some talent. Wonder if this could be the beginning of a fracture in Thomas and Hope’s partnership.

I’m placing my money on RJ and Eric because not only will Eric get the funding for his line, but it will also knock Ridge, Thomas and Brooke down a peg thinking Ridge is the design titan of the fashion industry. Let’s chat a brief moment about Thomas and Hope. I wish I loved this grouping of these two, but I don’t. It just feels icky. You’re falling for the guy who has stalked, tortured and kept your daughter from you for months.

Yeah, I get people can change, but this notion that you would toss away the love of your life, Liam, for a guy that kept your child it makes no sense, it just feels like bad writing people. Douglas per usual is trying to push Thomas and Hope to commit as a couple, but per usual Hope is hesitant. You know why Hope? You know it is wrong in your gut. We will see where things go.

With that said, let’s talk about Finn. Finn is miserable right now with Steffy out of the country, but if the past 2 weeks have been any sign, then bring Steffy back ASAP because this guy is miserable. Li is telling Finn what everyone has told him for months, cut Sheila completely out of your life. He hears it and considering he’s lost his family I don’t see why he wouldn’t do it. Speaking of Sheila, she learned something that could be a game changer, Deacon helped her gain her freedom.

Yes, it wasn’t just the evidence in the case being rigged it was Deacon’s ties to a judge who is powerful to say the least people. Sheila knows the truth, but not everyone else. I wonder how Hope, Ridge, Brooke and those Deacon has in his orbit will react to this news. Oh, they will NOT be happy, and Deacon is absolutely playing with fire and he’s also considering going public with his relationship with Sheila. If he does that, he’s going to expose himself and it isn’t going to be pretty. I am intrigued by this, and it has my attention fully “B&B.”