HOLLYWOOD—Well, we got the confirmation that Tucker McCall is indeed NOT a changed man on the CBS soap opera “The Young and the Restless.” This is about to become so juicy because so many parties are involved. Not just Tucker, but Ashley, Diane, Billy, Adam, Phyllis, the domino effect of this aftermath is going to be explosive I see as we get into November Sweeps.

Tucker and Ashley are done, and I mean done people. He flipped out on her during their honeymoon to Paris after she decided she couldn’t just sever ties with her family company, Jabot. Just like that, Tucker took off the mask and his true colors showed yet again. He was enraged and Audra came crawling back, they slept together and she might be his sidekick to help run Jabot if he manages to get his hands on the company.

I have a feeling Audra might end up preggers and the baby daddy could either be Tucker or Kyle and that would be quite fun to say the least. With that said, Audra showed her vicious nature, dropping Kyle in a way that was so quick it was brutal. Nikki was NOT messing around and told Audra to fire Kyle and she did it with ease and then sliced him off romantically as well.

That cut deep for Kyle, who questioned Tucker and Audra’s lingering relationship. The antennas are up, but will Kyle do anything with that information? That is to be determined. You might say why is Kyle important? Billy has warned his nephew about Tucker and Ashley. The entire Abbott clan has it right, Tucker is coming after Jabot, and Billy, Diane and Jack are uniting to prevent that.

However, Tucker has an ace up his sleeve with Phyllis. Yes, this woman just doesn’t seem to get out of her own way. Phyllis, you just skated by the skin of your teeth after that debacle with faking your death and framing Diane. Tucker proposed a business venture which Phyllis was intrigued by, until she found out it involved Jabot and Billy.

Tucker wants Phyllis to hack Billy’s account and then the Jabot account and transfer money from that account into Billy’s account. Yes, Tucker is framing Billy for his old ways and with the tension already there with Jack, it will only make things worse. Phyllis was hesitant, but she did it anyway after a few threats from Tucker. Phyllis promised she was staying on the clear path after this move, but Phyllis, how many times have we heard that?

You were just offered a job by Daniel, your son, and this is the move you make? If you thought Jack, Diane, Billy, Summer, Daniel and Kyle were livid at you before, this latest stunt, once exposed is going to be so grand, the ramifications will be gargantuan. Phyllis might not be able to comeback from this one and I worry about the fate of Michelle Stafford as Phyllis Summers. However, Tucker is not aware that Billy knows about his little secret involving Tucker Unlimited that Adam knows the full extent that could bury this threat.

Billy tried to squeeze this information out of Adam, but Adam being the Newman he is doesn’t budge. With that said, Adam was intrigued by this, but didn’t bite. I was hoping he would be considering the history that Adam and Billy have. However, Billy went to Jack and asked him to push Adam to reveal those details for a price. Adam does indeed look at Jack like a father figure, so Jack might be able to get the information he needs to neutralize Tucker.

The reason this narrative is so juicy for me is that I feel like a possible murder mystery could be underway involving Tucker McCall. Not saying that the character could be killed off, but it would be fascinating to see such a thing with so many enemies this guy is making.