UNITED STATES—On September 26, the Federal Bureau of Investigations (FBI) announced the results of Nationwide Takedown of Violent Crime. The initiative to combat criminal activity in the U.S. lasted from May 29 to September 4, 2023.

The FBI partnered with state and local law enforcement to execute over 4,000 arrests, 2,500 drug seizures, over 1,600 weapons seized, and over 50 violent organizations were dismantled.

FBI Director Christopher Wray made the following remarks regarding FBI efforts to take down violent criminals.

“There’s no greater responsibility in law enforcement than making sure the neighborhoods and communities we serve are safe. This summer the FBI worked shoulder to shoulder with our state and local partners to combat violent crime across the nation, but our work is far from done. We will continue to work tirelessly to protect Americans from the scourge of violent crime.”

Reports include the FBI’s efforts in securing the safety of children led to over 700 child identifications, and over 590 child locations.

The following came directly from the FBI press release.

“The FBI recognizes the hard work of our field offices, task forces, and partners who play a crucial role in combatting violent crime. It is the FBI’s shared commitment to address this issue head on and create a safer environment for all.”

According to the FBI’s webpage, the armored car robberies in Segundo, California, last February were also investigated by the FBI in May of 2023.