HOLLYWOOD—Whew, talk about a double eviction on “Big Brother 25.” I will admit rarely can I recall a double eviction that truly excited me in recent years on the reality competition. Perhaps my favorite that I can watch over and over again is from “Big Brother 6” when Kaysar was evicted and Janelle won HOH and delivered an iconic speech that is forever engrained in BB history. That is when BB did the double eviction over a 2-day period, which I kind of want to see the series return to. You cannot just get rid of player without the drama, and when you have drama it gives good TV.

With that said, Cameron was given the boot in an 8-0 vote. Then we had ANOTHER knock-out competition with a slight twist that I like. It became obvious for Cirie after Jag, then Cameron, then Cory all chose her to compete in the HOH that they were aligned. She gave them a run for her money and I was on the edge of my seat watching, then she was eliminated. And I was secretly rooting for Mecole or Blue.

I think Cory is a great houseguest, but he has a bit of cockiness at times that can rub you the wrong way. He feels himself a bit and it becomes obvious as a viewer. I love this season because I’m constantly shifting how I feel about houseguests from week to week, except Jag. This guy is annoying me to me to the core with this notion that he is being bullied. No Jag, you are not being bullied; you were outplayed in the game by others. It is that simple. FYI you were also evicted from the game 10-0 and only saved by a twist. So if I’m a player in the game, and you got to the end with someone who hasn’t been evicted, you’re not getting my jury vote. Hate to say it, I’m over by Jag and I want to see him humbled or evicted again.

This DE was great because Cory won HOH and took the shot at Jared. He nominated Jared and Blue and Matt won the POV and didn’t use it. It said everything Blue, Jared and Cirie needed to know: Matt, America, Cory and Jag are working together. Jared was evicted by a 6-1 vote and most of the house was happy, until Julie Chen revealed a twist to the viewers and Cameron and Jared. Cameron and Jared would return to the house as zombies and one of them would have their game resurrected, the other would go home for good.

Nice twist, but there is a problem, no HOH and no POV for the entire week. Yes, America, as the great Taran Armstrong from RHAP noted, there will be another 2 weeks before a houseguest is evicted and it will be around day 72 before the first member joins the jury of 7. Think about that for a second. That is a very long time, and its creating a massive lag in the game in my opinion. Too much dead time and too many players coming back into the game who should be out: i.e. Jag, Cameron and Jared.

Hell, do I think there are more twists coming in the game? Absolutely, and I fear another damn Battle back involving a jury member. I know without a doubt there will indeed be another double eviction coming around the final 7 or final 6, which is going to be fun to witness. I will admit seeing the houseguests learn about Jared and Cameron’s return was great. Cory was not pleased, Matt was scared (he was exposed), Jag (who cares), America (not happy), Bowie (confused), but Cirie, oh, her reaction salivating on the reveal was incredible. Cameron and Jared returned to the house, and Jared was hot.

That fight between Jared, Cirie and Felicia, it was hot and fun to watch. Cameron on the other hand took a softer approach wanting to work with Jag and Matt, who were all in, but Cory was skeptical of Cameron, and rightfully so. He’s going to target you Cory because he’s jealous of your relationship with America.

Yes, it is odd as hell, and it’s obvious Cameron has some sort of attraction to America, similar to what he had with Reilly and the comments he makes are icky, odd and uncomfortable to watch.  Jag and Matt should be careful because Cameron will betray them, and Cirie has Matt’s card, but he’s likeable and the biggest threat to win this game if you ask me. His biggest thorn is MeMe aka Mecole. I know in my gut if she wins HOH she is targeting Matt and Jag and maybe Cameron if he returns, and that is the move to make.

We are about to see those end game physical competitions and Matt, Jag and Cameron might be able to dominate them if they stay in the game. My gut is telling me while we just had the wall, we might be getting ANOTHER endurance competition this week because you have a player re-entering the game, an endurance competition is the best way to give them a chance, the problem is the only competition I can think of is something that involves holding onto a rope and getting slap by something. Yeah, the competitions are becoming a bit too obvious as viewer/fan of the series.

Cameron is targeting Felicia because he thinks she won’t vote for him in jury and I don’t love that because I don’t think it is true. I do want to see either a Blue, Cirie or MeMe HOH. Cirie would be very fun, but MeMe is the most intriguing because I don’t know exactly what she would do, but secrets are being spilled in this dead week of game play and I sense her eyes are on Matt and Jag (and that is the right move).

Cameron is playing all sides of the house, and where his allegiance truly lies I have no clue. At the same time, Jared is trying to repair bonds to a degree. Jared being in the house would cause more tension than Cameron and after a week of stalled gameplay if Jared or Cameron don’t win HOH, I could see them feeling the revolving door, but would be fun if someone who should have made jury without this twist, gets booted right before jury commences. It does indeed suck, but that is the nature of BB for you, expect the unexpected people.

The one caveat is that Cory and America who were in a great position are in dire danger, with Cameron, Matt, Jag, Blue, Bowie and a few others looking to target them and Cory is looking like he’d get the boot if he’s on the block during eviction night. Oh, that is not good, but man it feels like eons before we will get to the actual jury phase of “BB” and I don’t want to be bored.