CALIFORNIA— On Friday, September 4, the Federal Bureau Of Investigation went on social media asking for public’s help in solving the case of a man flying with a jetpack near Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) reported on August 30.

FBI released a map of the area where the jet pack flyer was seen. FBI said it is asking anyone with info about activity on or above the ground at the location depicted here should call the FBI.

“The FBI continues to investigate reports of a #jetpack near #LAX on 8/30,” it said on Social Media.

In addition it said, “The FBI takes seriously events that threaten US airspace & investigates alleged violations #SafeSkies.”

At least two Twitter users posted videos claiming to have been recorded in mid-August 2020 — at least a week before the pilots’ reports — showing a human like figure moving across the sky. The authenticity of the videos have not been checked yet.

Federal aviation officials told NBC4 there are several commercial jet pack-type flying machines that can climb to thousands of feet. But they only carry a few minutes of fuel and are extraordinarily expensive and require experienced pilots.

JetPack Aviation Corp., based in Van Nuys, Calif., said, “It is the only one to have developed a jetpack that can be worn like a backpack. The technology is real: Chief executive David Mayman demonstrated it five years ago by flying around the Statue of Liberty, and his company has created five of them.

No injuries were reported due to the incident although it is causing safety concerns to officials.