HOLLYWOOD—I noted last week that it’s likely to be an underwhelming February sweeps for the CBS soaps “The Young and the Restless” and “The Bold and the Beautiful.” Thank God, we have “General Hospital” where the drama REALLY intensified last week and continued for the first week of February. Why? The truth about Louise being Bailey is spreading like a wildfire people.

First, Victor Cassadine just happened to get his hands on a picture of Louise’s sonogram that Maxie was carrying around. Maxie, you cannot carry such things around because you open the door for people to get their hands on vital information that is about to lead to all sorts of chaos people. Victor, I must say I love this character people. It’s an eerie evil; it is not over the top, but when Victor strikes it cuts deep. He spilled the tea to Peter about Bailey being Louise and still didn’t get his hands on the programming tool for Drew Cain. Victor was NOT the only person who connected the dots, so did his son Valentin, who spilled the tea to Martin, who after a conversation with Laura decided she could no longer represent Peter August.

So Valentin and Martin know the truth, as well as Tracy. However, Victor didn’t like that so he kidnapped his son, just as Valentin made a call to Anna to alert her of a pressing situation. Yeah, Victor is trying to do too much and for reasons I’m still not sure why? Why does he want this programming tool and what is his plan if he happens to get his hands on this tool that Cesar Faison manifested with the help of Helena Cassadine. Something is telling me that Victor plans to use this tool for the Cassadine family. Who in particular I’m not sure, but something seems to be pointing in that direction people.

Victor took things to another level by kidnapping Valentin, just as he was making a call to Anna to alert her of the situation with Maxie, Brook Lynn and Bailey. Maxie and Austin shared a tender kiss, while back in Pawtuck, as Austin was hoping to job his memories and damn I like this pairing of Maxie and Austin; they work people.

Yeah, the scene of the crime might job some memories for Austin, who wants to help Maxie, if only she can open her eyes and see that. The same with Chase and Brook Lynn who are a united front to protect Maxie, but little do they know the danger that is lurking right next to them, especially with Peter KNOWING that Bailey is actually his daughter which freaked out Brook Lynn. Peter is about to be transferred and you all know what that means a prison break and utter madness as a result America. Things are culminating and before the dust settles I think Peter August will FINALLY meet his maker America, the question will be who does the dirty deed.

Carly is still livid at Sonny who keeps siding with Nina not realizing that he is pushing his wife further and further away. As a result Nina continues to show up every place that Carly seems to be at and as a viewer, I’m annoyed at this point people. Make something dramatic transpire with this love triangle or just let it go already. Curtis, Marshall and Stella continue to dance around his big secret, which seems to point to him being a mobster or some sort of informant who HAD TO GO INTO HIDING to protect his family. All signs seem to point in that direction and it’s time for us to finally get those answers that we want America. I am tired of waiting already for the other bomb to drop.

What are the writers attempting to do with this tale of Willow not having a record of a birth certificate? Why do I sense the writers going in the direction that they should have gone in all along with Willow actually being Nina’s long lost daughter and not Nelle? How will they explain the necklace amongst other things, I guess we would have to wait and see people. However, Harmony is already spiraling and went to Alexis for help, which confirms the theory I posed.

There are some strange things going on with Liz and Finn’s relationship. Her disappearing ring, doors closing on her suddenly, how can we explain things? Either it is a ghost or someone who really doesn’t want Finn and Liz to be together. Also we can’t wrap our discussion for the week without talking about Esme and her wicked ways. She drugged Trina’s drink and forced an uncomfortable situation to erupt between Cameron, Joss and Trina, where feelings were unearthed.

Esme was pleased of her work until Joss confronted her for being the conniving and jealous girlfriend that she is. Esme you cannot compete with Trina, she has a hold on Spencer that not even you can break. That jealously is causing her to do wicked things. I mean this girl recorded Cameron and Joss having sex. There is no way that she can point the finger at Trina on this because no one will believe it, and I think when Esme makes this latest move its going to blow her relationship with Spencer into pieces.

That means we can expect Esme to be more conniving than ever and we might learn more about her backstory. We know she’s adopted, but something tells me she has deep connection to a Port Charles resident. “General Hospital” is heating up and for good reason.