HOLLYWOOD—So Sarah is no longer alone on that island that Kristen DiMera has been holding her captive for close to a year on “Days of Our Lives.” Kristen DiMera that woman knows how to cause all sorts of madness rather in Salem or not. I mean she has Sarah, Steve, Kayla and now Abigail being held on this deserted island. Why? Well I guess she had to keep Sarah to prevent her ruse from being exposed, but that ended months ago, so she could have let Sarah go, but then she would have spilled to Xander what transpired causing major chaos as a result.

Xander on the other hand bought this little ruse that Ava and Gwen came up with, but it seemed like anyone with a brain could have realized Sarah is not Sarah. I mean hello she is NOT acting like herself people, not at all. Maggie, Abigail, Roman, and a host of others pinpointed the odd behavior. However, it was Abigail who would not let things go after realizing that Kristen loves impersonating others by wearing masks. Abigail discovered the truth, but paid the price as a result being clocked out cold by her sister, Gwen and appearing on that island people.

So I guess it’s better to have four people than one person to figure out a way to plan their escape. I must say I cannot wait to see Kristen, Gwen and Ava receive their comeuppance. Kristin might have to wait awhile, but we know the truth for Ava and Gwen is coming sooner than later. Why? Xander proposed to Gwen who accepted and the truth will be exposed and if Gwen was a pariah before, she might want to flee Salem sooner than you can count to three when the truth comes out.

Gabi is flirting with Johnny who really wants to get closer to Gabi and cause a major rift in her relationship with Jake. Things seem solid, but it is apparent that Gabi might have a torch for Johnny who is damn persistent. It’s not any of his doing people, he is possessed with the Devil, who is making wicked moves people. Breaking Chanel’s heart, framing his father, and still after Ben and Ciara’s child. Ugh, Ben and Ciara again people, can we have at least 6 months without these two people? Just 6 months that is all I’m asking for.

Chanel and Paulina are plotting to take Johnny to the cleaners, but they might want to pump the brakes on that plan. I mean Johnny knows Allie and Chanel hooked up and Tripp is like ready to pop the big question to Allie and when he learns that truth it is going to shatter his heart people and not in a best way. Paulina was stunned to find her abusive ex Ray who goes by TR in Salem who happens to be a producer working with Johnny people. Lani has no idea that person is her father and that Paulina is keeping secrets once again.

Another wicked tale involves EJ being found guilty for kidnapping Sami even though it was Lucas. EJ is livid and he is out for blood people and I am afraid what he will do when he discovers what Lucas did and to what degree he will go to exact his revenge which honestly is going to be a ton of fun to watch. In another interesting develop Craig is not cheating on Nancy with another woman, it’s with a man. Yes, Craig is gay and Chloe caught her father red-handed people. Craig was forced to spill the tea to Nancy who was stunned by the reveal, even worse was the person that Craig has fallen for people. Let’s just say it’s a familiar face to Salem.

Last, but not least, Ava thinks she is smart for framing Rafe for being a dirty cop. Shawn arrested his boss, but he does NOT think he is guilty. Nicole knows Ava framed Rafe and so does Rafe. She’s doing all this to get back at her bestie and lover for making her look like a fool people. There is just one major problem: they are already onto her antics, but she has no clue people. Which tells me when the truth comes out Ava Vitali could be leaving Salem for a jail cell or for good.