HOLLYWOOD—Well, well, Finn is alive on “The Bold and the Beautiful” and he now understands the danger that everyone warned him about in regards to his mother Sheila Carter. Finn discovered that he was indeed declared dead and the birth certificate he saw was proof of it. He wanted to get out of his current captivity, but was involved in a tussle with Sheila that prompted her to sedate her son.

Sheila’s pal, Mike Guthrie is starting to realize that Sheila is indeed off her rocker. I mean she ran Li, Finn’s adoptive mother off the road into a lake where the vehicle caught fire. Li has not been heard from and a body has not been discovered. So that means she is alive and just waiting to strike when the iron is hot people. Mike thinks it is time for Sheila to turn herself in, but Mike has his own issues as he is brought into custody and questioned by Detective Baker, Ridge and Brooke on the whereabouts of Sheila and he is feeling the walls close in people. Brooke and Ridge are putting the pressure on Mike, as they know he had a role in Sheila’s escape.

If that wasn’t enough, Sheila decided to share with Finn what happened with Li! Is this woman crazy? You just told your son that you killed the woman who raised him. Do you honestly think Finn is just going to forgive all your sins of the past? You shot and killed him. You shot and nearly killed his wife and no you presumably killed his adoptive mother? Yeah, something is not clicking in Sheila’s head people, not at all.

While all of this drama is taking place, Quinn is giving a really cold shoulder to Donna in regards to her affair with Eric. Quinn you should be the last person to judge someone. I mean you cheated on Eric with Ridge first, then cheated on him with Carter next. You have a history of cheating Quinn, if anything, Eric should have been given a major pass considering not only did he forgive you for cheating once, but twice and I’m not even discussing all the other shenanigans this woman has done over the years.

With Carter and Quinn reunited, I hate to say it, but they can sail into the sunset and get off my TV screen for a little while. What else story-wise do the writers have prepared for them? Um, I cannot think of anything. Bill Spencer was back in the mix this week, as we continue this tale of him being lonely and Katie not forgiving him for cheating on her multiple times with her sister Brooke. Can you blame the woman? In addition, where the hell is Heather Tom? It feels like I have not seen this woman on my TV screen in almost a year. The same sentiment can be echoed for Wyatt Fuller who has been MIA for months.

I hate saying this, but if you don’t have a storyline for characters, it might be time to usher some characters out of the mix or give them some sort of story people. We are looking at a new romance that I swear I did not see coming: involving Taylor and Deacon! Yeah, not in a million years did I expect these two to connect. However, they are connecting over loves they cannot have: Taylor is feigning for Ridge, Deacon is feigning for Brooke. It is only natural for these two to bond as a result. However, can you imagine Ridge’s reaction when he learns about this? Talk about furious, the same will apply to Steffy and Thomas. Brooke of course will be upset because Deacon is with someone that she doesn’t want, but she doesn’t want her foe to be with him either. So the question lingers is this the beginning of the end for Sheila Carter? It is certainly looking like that “B&B” fanatics.