BEVERLY HILLS—Residents and business owners of the city of Beverly Hills should expect some abnormal activities with fire hydrants throughout the community.


From July to September, M.E. Simpson Co. will be testing the fire hydrants and making sure that they are fully functioning. Residents and business owners will be given more details closer to the starting date of this project.


Therese Kosterman, Public Information Manager for the Beverly Hills Public Works told Canyon News that this is a 6-8 week process that will improve the system and make it more feasible for residents and will help residents to get lower home insurance, once BHPW’s system is updated.


Kosterman said that during the hydrant testing, residents and business owners closest to a hydrant may witness discoloration in the water that is coming through the taps; however, she assures citizens that the water will be safe for drinking regardless of its color.   


At the end of the process, residents should turn the outside water faucets on and run them until the water runs clear. They are also advised to flush out all the taps, including washing machines, before using them again. Water will be seen flowing from hydrants onto the streets and into storm drains. Some homeowners may witness road blockage from crew’s equipment and vehicles taking up parking spaces.


Residents will receive sufficient notification from the city regarding the specific dates that this hydrant testing will take place.


Kosterman indicated that they are working on finalizing this information and having it readily available to the public.  She noted this is a yearly activity and she looks forward to the continuous support from the residents during this period.