SANTA MONICA—Multiple cities in Southern California have been forced to cancel their annual Fourth of July fireworks show due to a pending investigation into a Santa Monica based fireworks company led by the California State Marshal.

Exposhows Fireworks Events had fraudulently contracted with about two dozen cities across the State of California to set up firework shows for the Fourth of July. Some of these cities included Palmdale, Lynwood, Lancaster and La Puente. The business was raided Saturday, June 25. Officials found counterfeit State Fire Marshal seals and homemade fireworks that were potentially dangerous to the public. The fireworks the company had in their possession were seized.  

In a statement submitted to CBS the small family owned business wrote: “Exposhows has been providing safe entertainment to communities in California for decades…To Exposhows, this appears to be an overreaction by the State Fire Marshal Office and, so far, no charges have been filed or disclosed to Exposhows to comment upon.”

Some cities that had to cancel the event are instead replacing the fireworks show with a laser light show.  La Puente’s laser light show is scheduled to begin at approximately 9 p.m. on July 3 at La Puente Park. Other cities had to issue refunds to members of the community. 

Many city Mayors stated that they were disappointed over the cancellation.