HOLLYWOOD─Who would have expected the writers of “The Bold and the Beautiful” to shove Flo Fulton down our throats more than they have in the past year. Yes, it’s like they just can’t get enough of this woman, even though the fans say otherwise. With that said, it looks like Flo is about to finally get her comeuppance after her role in the Hope and Liam baby swap. How so? She has been hesitant about Sally’s illness and pushed for Wyatt to give her the boot.

On her own discretion she decided to meet Dr. Escobar to dig deeper into Sally’s illness and what do you know, she discovered Sally is not terminally ill. Oh, you know Flo is going to just sing to the canaries about this. However, I keep going back to the fact that she knew a baby was swapped and a mother was grieving for months and didn’t say a word. Hypocrite much?

Flo not only committed a crime by peeking at those doctor files, but she went to confront Sally to expose her. As a result, the two ladies aired out their grievances and utter chaos erupted as Flo found herself on the end of a devastating blow that placed her life in grave danger. Oh this was a perfect twist in my opinion, where Sally gains the upper hand on her foe and holds her captive to keep the secret from being exposed.

I mean Wyatt is already rattled with guilt at the thought of asking Flo to move out his Malibu pad, and with Katie and Quinn agreeing with the notion to be by Sally’s side during her final days, it reeled Wyatt with even more guilt. With May Sweeps nearing, something explosive I’m certain would transpire, I was hoping the Flo and Sally big fight resulted in Flo causing serious injury to Sally before the big secret was exposed, but it appears otherwise. Also it didn’t hurt to FINALLY hear someone address Flo’s dirty misdeeds, you ‘baby stealer.’ Seems everyone forgot about that except Liam, Hope, Brooke and Steffy.

In other news, Ridge returned to Los Angeles after his short stint in Las Vegas with Shauna. It appeared the duo had a wild night in Vegas, where Shauna seemed to allude to something bigger in play. With that said, Shauna said deuces to Ridge, as Brooke brought her drunken hubby back home. He’s still apprehensive about what transpired with Brooke and Bill, as is Katie. Bill continued to beg for Katie’s forgiveness, just as he issued a stern warning to Quinn about her antics.

I mean this woman has poked her nose in so many people’s business and then feigns ignorance when she is confronted? I mean it only seems suitable that Brooke finally decided to immerse herself in Quinn’s orbit to expose her for the person she always has been: a schemer. I really want to see more of this where Quinn is finally knocked off her pedestal. Unfortunately, the only person I think capable of making that happen is Sheila Carter, and I don’t know if we’ll see that character anytime soon.

Let’s transition a bit to storylines: what is going on with Liam and Hope? I mean we have not heard from the characters in several weeks, as well as Thomas Forrester. After that big expose at that failed wedding, the characters have been off the campus. I’m expecting the characters to make their return in the coming weeks. However, fans might have to wait a while as new episodes for the soap has come to an end for now because production was halted because of the COVID-19 crisis. So starting Friday, fans will get to indulge in classic episodes of “B&B.” Let’s hope it doesn’t last too long America.