UNITED STATES─Anyone who is making the argument that right now is not a tough time. I have no clue what planet you live on. It is a very stressful and anxious time for many Americans. Rather you have a job, the stress level is at an all-time high because you might be an essential worker, and for many Americans you are out of a job right now, which only increases your anxiety. You have no idea where that next check may be coming for. You’re worried about paying rent, utilities, the mortgage or perhaps one of the most basic needs for all people: placing food on the table.

Uncertainty is something that scares all Americans that includes me people. We just don’t know what is going to happen in the coming weeks, the coming months or even the coming year. You have a job, but next thing you know, the lack of business or revenue just absolutely can cause a business to shut its doors. Companies are doing their best to stay afloat, using the bare minimum when it comes to staff to keep operations moving forward.

Yes, you feel sorry for some employees or staff members, but my argument goes back to those who you know work versus those who are just sitting around waiting to collect a paycheck. I hate to say this, but some people are just lazy and it’s unfortunate for those who actually work so hard people. So how do you best grapple with the anxiety that at times can be so overwhelming for so many Americans right now? Well, it starts with trying to be positive.

Look trust me I know it seems like it’s impossible, but you have to try to see the positive even though so much negative is in the press, media and the world right now. For example, you might still have a job, be thankful for that. You might be someone who still has a roof over your head and you are able to pay your bills, be thankful for that. There are those who don’t know where there next check is coming from, and as a result they are still thinking positive knowing things will be ok in due time. They might be getting assistance from family members, from complete strangers (a lot of celebrities are doing this right now).

Let’s talk about that, it seems this pandemic is bringing out the best in so many Americans. I am seeing celebrities for one donating millions to great causes and to people in general I mean Cardi B, Michael Che, the Kardashian clan and so many others I just cannot name them all, who are paying for groceries for complete strangers, paying people’s rent for a month, just giving out money to help people in tough times. The list goes on and on. These celebrities don’t have to do it, but they know so many people are in need and they have the funds and opportunity to do it, so that is exactly what they are doing people, giving in a time of desperate need.

I mean can you imagine, not knowing how you plan to pay for your groceries and a random stranger or a celebrity walks up and lets it be known, “Hey, I’m going to pay your groceries for you.” It lifts a weight off one’s shoulders and if you can return that favor to another person it just helps the situation even more America. It’s not easy to grapple with anxiety because it can come and go in waves or it can have a lingering effect for some people. With that said, you are forced to put a new perspective in place where you see life for what it is and you do not waver from it.

Know that what is transpiring right now is TEMPORARY, this is not permanent, things will change, things will get better, but I will admit doing something that makes you happy helps to curb that anxiety that you are feeling. I know it’s a small bit of advice, but it can help when you least expect it, especially when you think or suspect there is no way out of your predicament. The mind is more powerful than you think so don’t allow yourself to be weakened during these difficult times.