UNITED STATES—I don’t vacation as much as I like, but as a kid, a staple for our family trips was always the heat of the sunshine state, Florida. I spent so many summer and winter breaks in the state; I vowed never to return anytime soon. Now, that I’m older, I’ve been reflecting back on all the fun that I had in Florida, particularly in Orlando.


For starters, the heat in the South is nothing to mess around with. When I say humid, I mean humid, when I say hot, I mean hot. The heat can be debilitating for those who are not used to it, so pack your patience. The great thing about Orlando is when it rains, it dries up in a matter of minutes, and I mean it. It could be raining cats and dogs one second, and before you know it the sun is blazing the concrete. 


Outside of Orlando is a small suburb known as Kissimmee, which is where we have our condo. It’s the perfect location to be in the heart of it all. We were literally just 10 minutes from Disney World, not to far from Epcot, Sea World or Universal Studios.  There are so many things in close proximity in
Orlando, you feel like you get the best of both worlds; the big time city life, but the small quaintness of suburbia at the same time.


I will admit Disney World is more for kids, but Islands of Adventure and Universal Studios have activities for the entire family to enjoy, plus things are a bit more riveting in my opinion.  


If the amusement park is not your cup of tea, there are plenty of restaurants and shopping outlets galore to sink one’s teeth into. Just put on your walking shoes and get moving, but do indeed prepare for the heat wave. Perhaps, the dining, shopping, and amusement thrills, than lying out in the sun to get a tan or taking a dip in the pool. Be careful not to tan too much in the heat, take a dip in the pool every so often to deflect the sun’s unbeatable rays.


The city of Orlando reminds so many what is so enjoyable about the South: the sun, the heat, the people, the outdoors, the food, the shopping. It’s a city that gives you everything that you ask for during the perfect getaway. I will admit, a week just isn’t enough, when it comes to visiting
Orlando, consider a two-week vacation to have the perfect time.