SPORTS—Former NFL coach for the Miami Dolphins Don Shula passed away on Monday, May 4, Shula guided the Dolphins to success during his run with the team,
Shula crossed the mark that George Halas’ scored with 324 winnings in 1993. He retired in 1995 with 347 triumphs, 6 tied scores, and 173 defeats and was inducted into the Hall of Fame in 1997.

“Don Shula was the patriarch of the Miami Dolphins for 50 years,” the Dolphins said in a statement. “He brought the winning edge to our franchise and put the Dolphins and the city of Miami in the national sports scene.”

Don Shula led the Dolphins to victory scoring the lead and winning the super bowl with a 15-2 lead.

Don Shula served 26 seasons with the Dolphins and coached three-quarter backs, Dan Marino, Johnny Unitas, Bob Griese. Don believed in helping people which resulted in The Don Shula Foundation, created to help with research on breast cancer, as an honor of Dorothy, his late wife who passed away in 1991.

Don and Dorothy were married 32 years they had five children. Don Shula married Mary Anne Stephens during 1993.

Shula’s eldest son, David, coached the Cincinnati Bengals during 1992-96. Cincinnati played Miami in 1994, it would be the first time that a father and son faced each other as head coaches.

Don won, 23-7. Don’s son, Mike, is assistant NFL coach and was the former head coach at Alabama in 2003-06. “If I’m remembered for anything, I hope it’s for playing within the rules,” Shula once said. “I also hope it will be said that my teams showed class and dignity in victory or defeat.”

Don Shula was born January 4, 1930, in Grand River, Ohio, Shula grew up in Painesville, Ohio. He was a running back for John Carroll University in Cleveland Ohio and cornerback in the pros for an entire seven seasons with Cleveland, Baltimore, and Washington.
Don was a coach’s assistant at Virginia in 1958. Shula leaves behind his second wife, Mary Anne Stephens, two sons, and three daughters.