WEST HOLLYWOOD—On April 20, 32-year old nurse, Brittany Bruner-Ringo, who worked for an assisted living facility near West Hollywood died. A month after supervisors approved the admittance of a new resident with COVID-19. At least 63 residents and patients in Silverado Beverly Place had the virus.

As of Friday, May 1, Kim Bruner-Ringo, the nurse’s mother, revealed to Los Angeles Times the moments she had with her daughter before and after contracting the virus. Alongside her relatives, the nurse expressed concerns in her social media. The nurse informed her relatives about the New York surgeon who had shown up within the facility with COVID-19 related symptoms which only seemed to worsen as days went by.

Supervisors had allowed the 69 year-old surgeon’s entry during the facility’s lockdown. The lockdown was aimed to avoid the spread of COVID-19 inside the place. Anonymous statements from employees revealed he was accompanied by one of his two children. As of present time, the resident has recovered from the virus and continues to reside in the facility.

According to the mother, Silverado executives insisted the man did not display any symptoms when he arrived, following their condolences to the mother. Silverado provided redacted medical records of the man. The documents claim the resident showed “No cough…no (symptoms) of any respiratory diseases.” Her daughter thought he was accepted because of his status as a “prominent physician”. As of April 9, health care groups and the California Assisted Living Association (CALA) have signed a letter urging an executive order that would protect facilities from legal actions.

Brittany Bruner-Ringo’s funeral took place in Oklahoma this past Saturday. Kim Bruner-Ringo does not plan to take this case to court. According to Los Angeles Times, some families of the Silverado residents who died are preparing to sue the facility.