MALIBU—Residents in Malibu are still experiencing incorrect billing from Frontier Communications, after being impacted by the Woolsey Fires. Dozens of residents have complained that they are being billed for services even though their homes burned down.

Customers complained that they did not receive services for at least a month after the fire, but were still charged as if they were still receiving services. Some customers spent hours on the phone with Frontier only to find in the next billing cycle that the billing errors have not been resolved. Customers were informed that the credit would appear on their statements and it never did.

Frontier mistakenly billed customers between $400 and $1,200 for damaged equipment that burned during the Woolsey Fires, with some refusing to pay disputed Frontier accounts.

Back in January, Frontier claimed that they were going to staff four times its normal workforce to work in the Malibu area to address the issues. Problems persisted in areas that were not in the path of the Woolsey Fire.

Javier Mendoza the Vice President of Frontier’s Corporate Communications and External Affairs wrote in a statement to Canyon News:

“Our thoughts are with all in the Malibu community affected by the fires. Frontier’s practice is to provide service bill credits and waivers to customers directly affected by the wildfires.  To process these credits, Frontier requests that customers impacted contact Frontier to have a service request/trouble ticket on file.

Frontier will also waive early termination fee and lost equipment charges with proof that a residence has been lost.

A small number of accounts may not have been identified for special account treatment. For any customer who believes they qualify for credits, we simply need them to let us know so we can issue a service ticket, verify the location and credit the account. Residential customers can call 1-800-921-8101 and businesses 1-800-921-8102.

Frontier thanks our customers and the Malibu community for their cooperation and patience as we work to help rebuild our infrastructure and keep Malibu connected.”

Dozens of Frontier customers have been airing their concerns and frustrations with the company via social media. Most of the complaints that Frontier Communications receives nationwide are from California residents according to the website