HOLLYWOOD─Last week was plenty of fun on “Days of Our Lives.” For starters, viewers learned a ton more about that ‘book’ that was so crucial to Gabi’s freedom and its connection to a Salemite that none of us expected in Victor Kiriakis. However, we learned that Jake’s ex is damn crazy to say the least. If we thought Claire was off her rocker, Gwen is just as bad people. This week, Jake was FINALLY able to get his hands back on that book, after coming face-to-face with his ex who he hasn’t seen in quite some time people.

Looks like Gwen still has a torch for Jake, who is the least bit interested in his ex. Now let’s clear the air, Gabi was freed, but it was a direct result of the people she wronged in the past: Eli and Lani. Who knew Lani could put her personal hatred for Gabi aside to rescue the woman who was out to destroy her happily ever-after with Eli. That brings me to some good drama for the week: Eli and Lani’s wedding. Lani is pregnant as everyone knows, and she is worried something might go wrong with this bundle of joy. However, someone is watching Lani from a distance, is it a friend or foe, or face from the past no one ever expected to see? Don’t worry is Kristen snooping around to see her pal and reunite with Brady. More on that later.

Rafe did his best to get Rolf to confess to his role in Abigail’s drugging and Gabi being setup. Rolf did not say he didn’t’ do it, but in so many words he confessed without actually confessing. Gabi found herself in utter turmoil over the fact of facing jail time yet again for a crime she did not commit. I mean it is crazy how Gabi constantly finds herself in trouble with the law for crimes she DID NOT COMMIT versus getting away with actual crimes she did commit. That has always been odd in my opinion. Now that I think about it, it’s probably the reason Julie hates Gabi because she murdered that nutcase Nick who was blackmailing her and making her life a living hell.

We learned something intriguing from Rolf, who was working behind the scenes with a mastermind who was indeed responsible for Abigail’s drugging, and guess what people, it’s not GABI! So it makes me wonder, who is the culprit? It can’t be Stefano because he’s dead right? That means Kristen is a possibility, but wouldn’t that be too risky because she is on the run with baby Rachel? I doubt its EJ, which means it’s Chad, Andre or Tony, or some other face from the DiMera enterprise that we have yet to see or one we have not seen in quite some time. Looks like the audience will have to wait for that answer for some time.

With that said, Kristen has returned to Brady and she’s doing it behind the scenes. Remember she is a fugitive so if she is spotted she’s going right to jail for attempted murder of Victor people. Speaking of Victor looks like him and Brady are up to no good to exonerate Kristen by lying to the authorities, but Eli and Lani both know that is a lie, and if they try to cover it up Rafe will be none too pleased considering he’s had to nail the hammer on his own sister multiple times.

That brings us to Xander continuing his quest to get Sarah to give him another chance. She spilled the tea about Brady and her relationship, before being dumbfounded by Xander thinking they should have a baby to ‘replace’ McKenzie. Yeah, not a wise decision Xander. This means Sarah will ultimately at some point forgive Xander or she will continue to string him along until she delivers the dagger where she feels redeemed for all the mess she has put him through.

I want to say I’m eager to see the war between Gabi and Chad, but if I’m being honest I’m over it. Chad can sail off with Abigail as she gets the treatment she needs for her mental illness. The Abigail and Chad ‘story’ of “Days of Our Lives” has released its pinnacle people and it’s time to allow them to sail into the sunset for their happily ever after. Here’s hoping Gabi has a speedy trial and all the people who thinks she’s guilty of a crime she did not commit has a ton of egg on their face. Ciara’s choice to make Claire her Maid of Honor is going to come back to bite her big time because the wheels are already churning in Claire’s mind on how to ruin her aunt’s wedding day with Ben people. Too bad Marlena can’t see her granddaughter is NOT WELL!!!

To close things out Allie pregnancy news is starting to spread out. Lucas knows, Rafe knows, Will and Sonny knows and it’s only a matter of time before Sami learns what is going on. We all know Sami is headed back to Salem and it seems Allie will be the main reason why and Nicole is going to get a taste of cake because of it based on the promo. Let’s just say it now, the writing is on the wall and Will and Sonny is likely to adopt Allie’s baby and raise it as their own, or perhaps Xander might pursue Allie in hopes of her allowing him and Sarah to raise the child. We shall see people.