HOLLYWOOD—Well, well, well, September has turned out to be an amazing month so far on “G eneral Hospital.” Not only has all the drama transitioned to the medical clinic Crichton Clark where half of Port Charles is being held captive, but some wicked villains are at the forefront of all the chaos.

First, audiences were treated to the return of the villainous Stavros Cassadine, whose obsession with Lulu (Emme Rylan) is downright frightening. Where are Luke and Laura when their daughter needs them most? Thankfully, Anna came to the rescue, and with Nathan, Dr. Obrecht and Dante in tow, they rescued Lulu and Maxie and found themselves trapped inside the compound. I wonder if the residents of Port Charles have any idea of the madness that is happening to their loved ones.

Audiences can thank Victor Cassadine for Stavros’ return from the dead, should we expect Helena to make a grand entrance in the coming weeks? That sure happened this week as the Queen of Evil, came face-to-face with Robin, the woman who saved her life.

Helena breathes more evil than ever, but she was not happy to discover that her unthawed Stavros was once again no more. So much for a rebirth, but mommie dearest has plans for her son’s legacy to live on thanks to his and Lulu’s embryo that she plans to utilize. I must say I’m extremely peeved that the series has yet to reveal Jason Morgan’s new face to the audience. It’s like they are continuing to tease the audience, until the big revelation takes place.

Stavros was not the only one to depart, as Victor met his demise as well, thanks to Obrecht determined to save her son from his treacherous father.  It was indeed a moment to relish seeing Dante, Lulu, Maxie, Nathan and Anna shot firepower at the locked doors in hopes of an escape.

The sparks between Patrick and Sam continued to elevate as the duo did their best to fight their attraction. I wonder where Silas stands in the middle of all this craziness considering that Nina has him in her clutches. With Jason sure to have a homecoming to rock Port Charles things could get messy. Patrick’s love life is quite complicated, his wife Robin is in serious danger, he’s working to help Sabrina grieve with the loss of his child and has Sam vying for his affections.

The big mystery involving Luke being the person behind the car crash that killed baby Gabriel continued to be front and center. Unfortunately, Luke was not behind the fiasco, it was Victor who has already met his demise. Nikolas is in for a whirlwind of hurt when he discovers that the Cassadines are back with evil intentions.

Jason got the upper-hand and shot Helena’s goons helping their escape, just as the building exploded.  Does this mean Robin is a goner? Rumor has it by the end of the week another major player may meet their demise. I have a feeling the audience will be treated to their first look at Billy Miller before the week wraps.  “ General Hospital” airs weekdays at 2 p.m. in most markets. Note: some markets have switched back to the original time slot of 3 p.m.