HOLLYWOOD—Summer is here, and it’s apparent that the drama surrounding “General Hospital” favorite Luke Spencer (Anthony Geary) is about to come to a bittersweet end. Last week, audiences saw Laura Spencer (Genie Francis) usher her way back into Port Charles to proclaim her love, to her one true love Luke. This did not bode well for Tracy Quartermaine whose engagement party turned into a nightmare.

A bombshell was dropped on viewers this week with the reveal from Luke to Lulu and Dillon that everything he and Laura stated was a lie! Are you wondering why Laura and Luke would lie? Well it’s because Lucky has been KIDNAPPED! This has one person written all over it: Helena Cassadine. Lulu has been sworn to secrecy and it appears that Valerie is planning to use that information to her advantage.

For weeks, it has been apparent that Valerie and Dante have gotten close, but now it’s obvious sparks are evident between the two. This has led Maxie, Lulu’s BFF to step in to question Valerie and her motives. Maxie has always been a paranoid character, but knowing that a possible ‘problem’ to her relationship and her best friend causes her to confront Valerie. There was one slight problem; she didn’t know that Dante heard her accusations. Could PC noble cop fall over to the dark side? Looks likely.

As always, “GH” is dragging out the truth regarding Jake Doe actually being Jason Quartermaine. It’s safe to say at this point that the characters in Port Charles will learn the truth around November sweeps at the earliest. The former mobster is still making waves in PC as he recently picked up a job at ELQ working aside his nephew.

Elizabeth and Nikolas better watch out, they are indeed crossing over to very dark waters. Speaking of Nikolas, his quest to get control of ELQ could prove to be a disaster as Sabrina and Sam are onto Rosalie. The audience knows she’s keeping a whopper of a secret, perhaps we will soon learn precisely what that bombshell is. We’ve only been teased about it for the past year. Sam being the private eye that she is, will soon uncover Nik’s secret, she might even get that crucial clue that allows her to discover that her so-called dead hubby is very much alive. Nikolas was furious when he learned from Liz that Sam was the person who did the wiretap, but I still wonder precisely why the prince is so determined to control ELQ, what does he get?

In other news, the cat is out of the bag on Denise DeMuccio aka Ava Jerome. There is one slight problem; Silas has been forced to keep his trap shut. If he utters one single word, he could find himself in the pokey. I mean that is just crazy for Ava to put such demands on the guy who saved your life! She seems to be acclimating herself back into town as she never left. Trust me, it’s just a matter of time before the world discovers her true identity and she could be in major trouble once Sonny gets wind of things.

Speaking of Denise, it looks like she could be getting closer to Morgan, her former flame. That could be problematic considering Kiki and Morgan have rekindled their romance. I don’t think Kiki would be happy to learn her mother betrayed her again with her boyfriend.

The writers are sure weaving a tale to ensure Luke gets the proper sendoff after playing an icon for more than 37 years. Lucky, Nathan and Holly are all set to return before Luke’s final farewell. “General Hospital” airs weekdays on ABC.