HOLLYWOOD—If the ABC soap “General Hospital” didn’t already have enough faces on the series, more have arrived in the town of Port Charles in the recent weeks. The biggest arrival had to be the return of Michael Easton, but he’s not portraying Silas Clay people. He’s playing Dr. Hamilton Finn, whose arrival to GH to save the life of Tracy Quartermaine.

Viewers are well aware that Finn isn’t who he appears to be. First, he has an affinity for exotic animals, he was seen shooting some drug into his arm to relieve what appeared to be excruciating pain and he had that ‘explosive’ moment with Dr. Obrecht.

Yeah, his anger was quite disturbing. It is one thing to be upset about a misdiagnosis, but it’s a completely different thing to want to tear someone’s head open over it. I almost felt as if he knows Liesl, but wants to keep the big reveal for a later moment. Patience people, I’m certain we will learn soon who Mr. Finn really is in the near future. Could he be the Valentin Cassadine who has been long rumored to be making a return to Port Charles?

The other big storyline that has many still confused is the reveal that Hayden Barnes is actually Rachel Berlin. Yeah, the reveal was not as big as one expected, but I have reason to believe Rachel, is just another alias for who this woman really is. Sounds crazy, but my instinct is saying that Rachel could be Emily Quartermaine! I know it’s a stretch, but wouldn’t that stun a ton of people in Port Charles. I give kudos to Liz for learning that keeping secrets are bad, and she dropped the bomb on Rachel and Nikolas without any regrets.

Gosh, what goes around comes around Prince Nik. You did dirty things to your cousin Sam about her back from the dead lover Jason, so what the hell did you expect would happen to you? We already know why Nikolas crossed over to the dark side (he was burned repeatedly by women who claimed to love him), so the heart can only take so much. It didn’t help that Sam and Jason connected the dots and war erupted at the Cassadine abode. Jason pummeled both Curtis and Nikolas before Sam snapped him out of his rage-fueled fit. I mean Hayden, you’re dealing with a Cassadine. If you think you have the upper hand it’s because they want you to think you do.

Rachel had been investigating her shooting for weeks and is well aware that her husband attempted to have her killed, thanks to Curtis, who seems to be a damn good private investigator. When he isn’t helping others solve mysteries, he’s been busy canoodling with Valerie. Something is telling me that Curtis has a bigger secret, and Jordan seems to be the only person who knows precisely what that is. He also helped Nina discover that it is Julian who has been sabotaging Crimson magazine. Yeah, I expected that weeks ago when he hired Nina as the editor of the struggling fashion magazine.

Nina made threats, Julian was forced to reveal all, but something tells me Julian is in deep with the mob and his big ‘secret.’ Wonder how Alexis will respond when she learns that her hubby has been lying to her face for weeks? Of course we can’t forget to discuss the arrival of Duke’s surprise son Dr. Griffin Munro, who just happens to be keeping a close eye on Anna. Ok, we know you’re Duke’s son, but it seems he has an ulterior motive that has yet to be revealed. I’m almost inclined to pinpoint that just maybe he isn’t related to Duke after all, and might be a secret relative of Anna Devane.

The moment fans have eagerly waited for arrived this week as Sam and Jason took their relationship to the next level by making love. Yes, it was a longtime coming, but this should be a sign for Elizabeth that the happily ever after she had been hoping for with her baby daddy is long over.

I think I’m most eager to see how things will play out with Anna, Paul and Ava. It looks like Ava is tired of Paul holding that confession tape over her head and she is ready to take action. Hmm, does Ava have any idea as to who she is dealing with? My gut tells me we might see a long awaited murder mystery kick-off on “General Hospital” in the coming weeks as May sweeps arrive in the next month!