UNITED STATES−On Wednesday, December 30, the Georgia State Senate Judiciary Subcommittee on elections attended a hearing on voting machine irregularities.

During the meeting, a breaking news report came in after the witness testimony of many others. Inventor Jovan Hutton Pulitzer, came forward to inform the committee that he was able to successfully enter Dominion Voting Systems via the internet in the Georgia polling place.

Pulitzer confirmed that the Georgia run-off election is connected to the internet. Pulitzer indicated that he was able to establish a two-way communication from a polling pad in a voting center.

“At this very moment, at a [Georgia] polling location in the county, not only do we have access through the poll-pad [voting system], but we are in,” Pulitzer explained.


Trump attorney Rudy Giuliani spoke to the Committee demanding that this type of voter fraud must end here and now.

Members of the Georgia Senate Judiciary Committee and subcommittees include:

Chairman, Jesse Stone, co-chair, Bill Cowsert, Secretary Blake Tillery, Bill Heath, Harold V. Jones II, John F. Kennedy, William T. Ligon Jr., Elena Parent, Michael “Doc” Rhett, and Brian Strickland.

One witness was an automation engineer with extensive data validation and worked as an election observer and monitor for Gwinnett County.

This gentleman spoke of the Arlo software used in Georgia for the first time on November 3. Arlo, which is a free internet cloud software system, is connected to the internet.

The witness explained that at peak times there were at least 50 computers on the floor. At least one sticky note had the internet password on one of the computers. The information entered by poll workers into the system was not kept locally.

It was kept on a cloud, the witness relayed. The observer indicated that this system was vulnerable. The Arlo system was used totally and verified 5 million votes. This witness relayed the need to audit the audit.

A first-time election manager testified that she had been corrected over a mistake she made in the handling of one vote. She had indicated that there might have been 4 others that had done the same. Then, a gentleman came in that was what she referred to as a “software specialist,” and he announced to those in the room, “Oh good, our ballots match.” The election manager voiced her concerns first.

Dana Smith, a Hart County poll worker and poll watcher voiced her own concerns regarding signature verifications. When she was questioned, Smith testified that she was told by an older woman, who was also a poll-worker that she was the one that verified all the signatures.
Smith testified that the woman was verifying signatures and comparing them to the ones scribbled on the signature pad at the DMV.

Smith indicated that because of her complaint, she is not in good standing within her own community and has not been invited back to work at the polls.

President Trump sent out a tweet thanking the Georgia legislature for holding the subcommittee meeting.