UNITED STATES—I have some terrific co-workers and I truly mean that. I don’t always give them the shout-outs and appreciation that they deserve, but I’m doing it this week and rightfully so. I mean I had a personal situation come up that just knocked me off my feet. It happened unexpectedly and I didn’t think it would unfold at all. That is life though right. Things tend to happen when you least expect them to happen.

When I let my team know what was going on, they immediately jumped in to assist with whatever I needed. Did they have to do that? Absolutely not, but the fact that they did it with little to no hesitation tells me I have colleagues, co-workers and family that are willing to step up to the plate for me the same way I am willing to step up to the plate for them.

They sent words of encouragement. They ensured me things would be taken care of. People who know me are well aware that I’m not someone who likes to miss work. I just don’t. I feel like if I miss work, there is going to be a domino effect of things that need and have to be cleaned up and I don’t like that a single bit America. I just don’t want the worry of others having to do something that has become second nature to me. I don’t want people to worry that something that needs to be done will not be done or someone else has to take on that duty.

When you have people in your corner that you can trust 200 percent it is absolutely the best thing in the world. You have no idea how good that feels because it is not something a lot of people have. You appreciate it when you have it, and if you haven’t shown that admiration to those people in your life, um, now is the time to start doing it a lot more and don’t just do it when an emergency unfolds, do it all the time.

You never know when that person may not be able to cover you the way you want them to and then what? This tends to happen in many places of employment where everyone just handles the reigns as solo employees and not realizing that the success and failure of a corporation (or company, use the terminology that you choose) depends on those single elements operating as an unified front.

Too many people think when it comes to work that everyone should be for themselves, but in actuality you should always look out for one another because you never know when you will need them and when they might need you. When you work as a team it is not just good energy for you and your other team members it increase the overall morale and success for the company. That should be what we all want.