HOLLYWOOD—Rarely is the second season of a TV series better than the first. It’s a rare phenomenon in the TV arena, but it does indeed transpire at times. The OWN series “Greenleaf” kicked off its first season with a bang, but fell flat as the season progressed. However, it seems the writers got things kicking on all cylinders making season two a guilty pleasure where each episode continued to draw the viewers in. Well after a season full of twists and surprises, the second season ended with plenty of fireworks.

For the past few episodes, it was evident that the tension between Bishop and Lady Mae was reaching a feverish pitch, especially with Lady Mae realizing that Bishop might have a wandering eye for Rochelle Cross. Well, I might not always agree with Lady Mae, this is one woman you don’t want to double cross people. She can be a pistol and when she feels betrayed she will unleash wholly hell to get justice, um, revenge!

I mean last week’s episode dropped some major bombs: Lady Mae revealed her affair with Lionel, just as Bishop revealed his affair with Lady Mae’s sister! That explains it all, especially why these two sisters don’t get along. Mae had a conversation with Mavis alerting her that she may still own her club that she shut down.

When Grace learned that her father was moving his clothing from the master bedroom into the guest room, she was well aware that trouble was in paradise for her parents. The big news of the hour was the lavish Cotillion event which viewers saw Zora and Sophia prepping for in all of its glory. Another big surprise of the finale was the return of Kevin who came to apologize to Lady Mae and the family, and acknowledge his sexuality. Kevin made it clear that he would go to battle with Charity if she denied him the opportunity to have visitation with his son.

Grace couldn’t let go of the idea that her parent’s marriage is falling apart, and even when she attempted to inform Jacob about the rift, he seemed ambivalent to the situation. Jabari and Charity got closer, just as Rochelle made advances on Bishop who shut down her down well aware that his wife might not be too pleased with such an advance. As I expected, this woman is a temptress. Well, I never expected that twist to come to light; Rochelle is Basie’s sister and the two are in cahoots to take down the Greenleaf family.

When Kerissa dropped the details to Jacob that Zora was having sex, he was shell-shocked. However, Zora saw her relationship continue to explode when Isiah reacted with fury upon learning that Zora’s parents will not allow them to see each other. Utter chaos erupted at the Cotillion when Isiah snapped and slapped Zora, and Sophia witnessed the violence. She immediately reported the news to Jacob, Kerissa, Grace and the rest of the family. It led to an explosive event where Zora denied that Isiah hit her, and Isiah puffed his chest. However, he never expected Jacob to react by punching him in the face.

Gotta say, if I was a father I would have done the same thing, maybe worse. Thank God for Sophia looking out for her cousin, or there is no telling what would have happened. Zora was adamant that she did not want to leave the restroom, just as she received a call from Isiah pleading his case that he would never strike her again. Please don’t let this girl fall for his antics; it looks like it might not happen, as she emerged from the bathroom ready to go home.

Jabari was ready to take things to the next level with Charity, but she was hesitant, but he reassured her that she was beautiful. It was the confrontation that we’ve been waiting for: Mavis and Lady Mae round two. Mae attempted to do a good deed for her sister, but Mavis was ready to leave town. Mavis was not willing to rekindle her relationship with her sister, even though Lady Mae wanted to turn over a new leaf. Yeah, Mavis was taken back when Mae revealed that she was aware that she slept with her husband. Hmm, looks like Mavis enjoys pushing her sister’s buttons.

Kerissa blamed herself for failing her daughter, and Jacob did his best to reassure his wife that they are not failures as parents. As I expected, when Jacob went to speak to Zora he realized that she was missing, leaving both parents in a flurry. The final moments of the episode were a stunner because Mae confronted Bishop about his affair with her sister. Grace was at an utter loss for words to see her family fracturing; her world was further impacted after learning that Zora and Isiah have gone missing.

Bishop is a strong guy, but never in a million years would I have expected him to give into temptation to Rochelle Cross. Wow, that guy is playing right into the hands of Basie, his wife and his treacherous sister. I love when a season finale packs so much drama and cliffhangers, as a viewer you cannot wait for the series to return to see how things will pan out. “Greenleaf” is set scheduled to return for season 3 in 2018, until then fanatics!