MINNEAPOLIS—According to Minneapolis police, one person identified as a male has died, and 11 other victims were injured from gunshot wounds. The shooting occurred Sunday, June 21, in the 2900 block of Hennepin S. 3 miles west of the commercial district in Uptown Minneapolis, weeks after George Floyd’s Murder on Memorial Day.

The victims were transported to a local hospital, where one victim died, no other fatalities have been reported, the other 11 victims sustained non -life-threatening injuries.

There has been no report on why the shooting occurred, and no suspects have been identified or apprehended. However, according to the police briefing sheet, the suspects left the scene on foot before discharging their weapons shortly after midnight. The Minneapolis Police Department has asked that the Uptown district be avoided for safety measures and until the preliminary investigation has been completed.

Photographs were posted to social media sites after the incident that showed the Landmark’s Uptown Theatre window had bullet holes and the victims laying on the pavement screaming for help.