UNITED STATES−President Trump filled BOK Stadium in Tulsa, Oklahoma on Saturday, June 20, 2020, for the first campaign rally since the COVID-19 pandemic began.

Initially, the Trump campaign received 1 million requests for tickets to attend the rally. BOK stadium seats 19,000.  The bottom half of the stadium was packed with an additional 500,000 viewers watching via YouTube.

In attendance were both Oklahoma Senators; James Lankford, and Jim Inhofe. Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH), and many other State Reps., and Senators that President Trump took time to recognize by name.   Dr. Alveda King had indicated in her Juneteenth speech that she would be attending the rally. There was a crowd there from Black Voices for Trump as well.

Tulsa, Oklahoma 2020 Trump Rally

President Trump brought humor to the stage. He had the crowd laughing at how President Trump called out what he said was, “fake news media” for the way they depicted Trump after his speech at the Commencement Ceremony at West Point. After 600 salutes in the sun, false news reports indicated President Trump had Parkinson’s Disease.

President Trump then took a drink of water right there on stage.

The crowd roared when President Trump said that media outlets were saying, ‘something is wrong with Trump,’ and then President Trump said, “something is wrong with Joe Biden.”

President Trump touted the comeback of the economy with the best Jobs report just a few weeks ago [June 5, 2020]. The President predicted that by October the economy would not be as good as it was before, but it would be much, much better.

President Trump spoke of the 200 miles of a border wall installed that is working to keep illegals out of the country. President Trump bragged on the great job Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) is doing apprehending murderers, rapists, and gang members.
President Trump spoke on Democratic-run cities, like Seattle, Washington, that allow rioting and violence in their cities and call the looters, and people defacing historical monuments, “protesters.”

The President warned voters of what would happen if Biden became President, calling Biden the left wing’s “puppet,” and indicated that should Biden be elected, the country would be bowing down to the violent mobs. President Trump reminded voters that Joe Biden wanted open borders, free healthcare for illegal aliens, he (Biden) sided with China and criticized President Trump for closing down travel from China at the start of the spread of COVID.

Candace Cane Gets A Temperature Check Before Entering The Rally.

Prior to the rally, President Trump gained criticism over beginning his campaign rallies again, to which the Republican National Committee Chair, Ronna McDaniel on her June 15 interview with Fox’s Sandra Smith of America’s Newsroom, responded as President Trump did at Saturday’s rally stating, “no one was concerned about this when it was thousands and thousands of protesters.”


President Trump ended his speech with a cheering crowd as he said,

“We are going to make America wealthy again, we are going to make America strong again, we are going to make America safe again…”