HOLLYWOOD—Well it feels like it only took about a year for the truth about what Gwen Rizczech was up to on “Days of Our Lives” to finally come to light. Here’s the problem: it might be too little too late people. Who knew it would take the arrival of Anna and Tony DiMera to swoop into town and get Abigail and the Deveraux family to see the light. With Anna’s help, Abigail discovered a ton of newspaper clippings about her family that Gwen was hiding in her room.

Abigail was concerned about the evidence, just as the big secret that Jake was sleeping with Kate finally came to light. Look, Jake and Stefan may look alike and be brothers, but they are seriously different people. Stefan has no moral standard, while Jake does. I cannot believe this whole notion that Jake was sleeping with Kate turned into Abigail was cheating on Chad with his brother.

The storyline was quite silly to say the least, but the fact that people actually thought Abigail was cheating on Chad, Chad in particular left me speechless. After a few shenanigans, Gwen finally got her claws into Chad while he was drunk. As a result, Chad slept with Gwen under the guise that his wife was cheating on him with his brother. Yeah, when Abigail told Chad the truth he was speechless leading to that epic confrontation with Gwen where Chad found himself in a pickle and Gwen saw the walls closing in on her.

Abigail you are close, but you have to dig just a bit deeper. Find out EXACLTY what Gwen’s motive is for coming after your family. In some weird setup, I think Jack is her long-lost father or something. Jack is onto Gwen and even noted his dastardly past, but Jack did not back down from the threat to his family as he clued Jennifer in on the fact that Gwen is up to no good.

Charlie is still holding Ava hostage, just as news rose from Steve and John after paying Angelo Vitali a visit that Ava has another son out there. Yes, this does change things America and in a big way as the evidence will start to point to another culprit being guilty for raping Allie. Allie is still very uneasy around Charlie, and after speaking with Marlena she started to remember more about her ordeal. John connected the dots and alerted Marlena who noted that Claire was in danger. So who comes to the rescue? It was Ben Weston who rescued Claire in a nick of time as she was about to take her relationship with Charlie to the next level.

It looks like Charlie’s sins have come to light and he was busted. Rafe rescued Ava thanks to information from Nicole, and wicked Charlie was taken into police custody. I cannot wait to see the confrontation between Tripp and Charlie about what he did to Allie and him letting his brother take the fall for it.

We also have a charming relationship possibly in the works with Chloe and Brady. If I’m being honest I always thought Chloe and Brady were a cute couple and they have history people, even though he has a baby with Kristen who is very jealous to say the least.  Kristen cannot maintain her jealous side and it might ultimately lead to the end of her relationship with Brady.

In another development, it looks like Lani and Eli have an enemy still wanting a bit of vengeance. How so? Their twins have been kidnapped and all signs point to Vivian Alamain looking to get revenge on the woman who shot and killed her son Stefan. I don’t want to see kids hurt, but Lani has to be held to the fire for her actions. She lied helped Kristen escape after committing a crime and this is her being forced to face the music for her action. What Vivian does next is still up in the air people, things are looking fun in Salem on “Days of Our Lives.”