HOLLYWOOD—Carly Corinthos, when will you learn. I love the character, but I think she just lit the match that is about to have ripple effects no one expected on “General Hospital.” Laura came to Carly with that information about Cyrus and their connection to put a lid on the boiling water.

Carly took that information and made a move that has enraged Cyrus. What did she do? She kidnapped Cyrus and Martin’s mother Florence! Yeah, not a wise move and it has me thinking that Carly Corinthos will face some really big issues as we near February sweeps, hmm, the Nelle is Nina’s daughter storyline is at the top of my list, but it is getting a bit boring as it has been dragged to death. I don’t see Nelle being alive because if she is and she returns she is facing kidnapping and attempted murder charges.

With that said, Jason was livid to find out what Carly did, as was Cyrus who alerted Martin, who alerted Laura who was speechless. Laura had a confrontation with Jason and made it clear he may have opened a massive war that is about to get out of hands. I have a feeling that Cyrus might be planning to kidnap someone close to Carly or Jason to send a message he is NOT messing around.

We still have no idea where Sonny is, but we do know Sonny is not dead and I expect him to surface real soon people. In what condition he will be in, is still up in the air America. However, the ramifications of the death of Julian Jerome is starting to echo through Port Charles. Sam has come to grips with her father’s demise, but Ava is handling the death of her brother bad. I mean she has lost Kiki and now Julian, all she has left now is Avery and Nikolas if you argue they are truly in love. He has been a strong support, but how long that last is still to be seen.

There is a ton going on in Port Charles people, specifically the big secret involving Finn and Jackie. The audience already knew these two slept together, but now we’ve been made aware that there is a strong possibility that Chase is Finn’s son not his father’s. Yes, that is indeed a game changer, and I don’t think the writers would throw that out there if there wasn’t a bit of truth to the matter. Jackie has reassured Anna that Chase is the son of Finn’s father, but I think she has only said that because she doesn’t fully know the truth. Anna knows of this potential secret and because we know a double wedding with Peter & Maxie and Anna & Finn is on the horizon big bombs are about to drop.

Anna has been very busy digging into Dante and what transpired with the WSB and she might be getting too close to the truth for a few people, particularly Liesl Obrecht. Yes, Liesl is in PC and treating Franco with the voices in his head. Anna and Liesl had a brief interaction, where the doc had to play coy to protect her cover from being blown. Anna does not buy that Dr. Kirk was killed during a mugging in Switzerland, and she is digging, so much to the point, I think this could be her undoing and to be honest, I want to see Anna Devane had a massive fall she deserves it for covering up Peter’s crimes.

Dante had an interaction with Liesl who noted she was helping him with his mission which he objected to, but with the click of a pen things got back on track, and Obrecht learned her nemesis is about to get married and is pregnant with Maxie’s baby! Yes, that is an absolute game changer people. Anna has already shared her theories about Dante with Valentin, but little do these two know that behind the scenes Liesl has been pulling the strings to ensure the truth about Peter and all his dirty dealings come to light.

Something is telling me that Liesl will learn about Alex being Peter’s mother and not Anna and that will be a big proponent going into this wedding. Worlds are about to be blow and I’m hoping the writers are gearing up for this big reveal with the wedding taking place during February sweeps. Things only got more interesting when Britt confronted her mother about her deception.

In other news, Alexis and her drinking is seriously spiraling America, not to mention Ned and Tracy doing all in their power from Olivia learning about Ned’s tryst, just as Jordan’s world is crumbling around her. The truth about Taggert being alive has come out, TJ learned that Cyrus kidnapped him. He also learned that Molly cheated on him and Curtis was livid to learn about his wife’s big secret.

Yeah, it looks like the chickens came home to roost and Jordan’s life is a free for all right now people. There are so many storylines intersecting and I am patiently waiting for the match that has been lit to explode.