HOLLYWOOD—I have to admit I’m still NOT loving this character Gwen on the NBC soap “Days of Our Lives.” To be honest it has nothing to do with the fact that we don’t know her full backstory yet, it is because she is NOT a fun villain. I don’t know if it’s the actress who is portraying her or just the charisma that the character brings to the table. Perhaps that will change much sooner than later.

Well, Gwen implemented her latest plan to take down the Deveraux clan by unleashing that letter that Jack wrote to Kate admitting their affair. Yeah, it was a bit of a shock to say the least that these two who have very little interaction actually slept together during that one year time jump while Jennifer was in a coma. It sent bombs dropping during that big celebration for Jennifer and Jack courtesy of Abigail. Oh, Gwen perfectly planned for Abigail to find that letter in Kate’s drawer and reveled in the big bomb. Little did she know that Jake was onto her latest stunt.

Jennifer was livid by the betrayal, Jack begged for forgiveness and this secret is having major repercussions for Abigail who has always been on edge stabilizing her mental illness. I mean the family seemed stronger than ever, with JJ arriving back in Salem to hugs and kisses, but Gwen is after this family for a big reason, and I’m dying to figure out why. I mean we are in the midst of November sweeps so this would be a good time to allow this secret to come to light people.

Speaking of Jake, when in the world did Jake and Kate become an item? It is beyond an odd pairing to say the least America, one that I never expected to see if I’m being fully honest America. I guess it could work, but the temptation between these two is crazy to say the least. Eli, Abe and Brady are still hiding the truth from Lani about Eli’s role in Kristen being sent to prison. If the writers think this reveal will cause some juicy drama it’s not, reveal the truth and let’s move on people.

That DNA test revealed that Tripp is the ‘father’ of Allie’s baby, which has caused a rift in Steve and Kayla’s relationship. Steve believes that Tripp is innocent, Kayla thinks he’s guilty, which begs the question: did he rape Allie or did someone fix the DNA results? Pure speculation seems to point to the new intern in Salem, Charlie being the guilty party, but he is busy pining after Claire, who has reunited with her ex Theo, who has returned to Salem.

Charlie has been encouraged by Xander to chase after Claire, but I’m not sure if that is wise, especially considering he’s at war with Phillip. Even more alarming is Charlie is taking advice from Xander, the last person he should be listening to when it comes to woman.  Speaking of Phillip we discovered his mystery partner this week and it was a doozy America, a major one. A face that many thought was long gone returned in the flesh and it raises the stakes in a major way if you’re asking me America. I don’t want to spoil the big reveal just yet, but let’s just say that was a surprise I did not see coming, which is a good thing people.