HOLLYWOOD—Tragedy struck “Haves and Have Nots” fans during the season premiere with the revelation that Quincy Jr. was fatally shot. Well, let the madness dawn because this week’s episode, ‘My Grandsons War’ made it clear that blood would be spilled and intricate plans are in the midst to exact vengeance. Katheryn and Veronica came face-to-face and alerted her pal that Jeffrey is gay, and the Cryer matriarch was stunned to learn that Melissa is preggers. Katheryn yet again attempted to talk a bit of sense into Veronica, but it was pointless. It was a treat to see these two ladies go toe-to-toe, yet again.

Katheryn’s world was rocked when she learned Wyatt was hospitalized, and Jeffrey spilled the beans about Wyatt’s situation, just as Veronica decided to eavesdrop. Jeffrey assured a hot-headed Katheryn that all with Wyatt will be well in due time. Hanna was still sullen worried about planning a funeral for her grandson, just as Mitch and Benny reassured her that all will be fine, but it was Katheryn that was able to be the friend that Hanna desperately needed. Both ladies shared plenty of tears, but the sadness in Hanna’s heart is punching me in my chest right now; it’s brutally punishing to watch. Gosh, I love the friendship between Katheryn and Hanna, it’s so authentic people.

Oscar wanted an update from Candace on her relationship with Charles, where the game of politics is huge in play. Oscar begged, but Candace refused to budge, looks like she is getting her revenge on the guy that screwed her. Veronica and Jeffrey got an update from the doctor noting that Melissa and the baby are ok. Ok, this woman is cold-hearted, even in the doctor’s presence; this woman didn’t want to see Melissa to get an update on the condition of her grandchild. Yes, Jeffrey is resisting his mother and her antics more and more people.

It was a treat to see Mama Rose inflict a bit of fear into Jim Cryer about Mitch being shot at. Jim spilled the dirty tea about his involvement in getting Warlock released from prison and putting into place a bevy of chaos that has more ripple effects than he expected. Jim had a phone conversation with War letting him know that he shot at a Malone and that is a clan one should never mess with. War pushed out his chest, but had no clue of the danger he is in, and Mama Rose is not one to be messed with people.

It was apparent Mama Rose was not playing games, and Jim didn’t have much time to find Warlock before a war erupts. Jim inquired about District Attorney Salison, but Mama Rose wouldn’t divulge any information. Jim updated David about Mama Rose going to war with the guy who shot at her grandson, so it looks like the judges are aiming to get to War before Mama Rose sinks her teeth into him.

After getting somewhat composed, Hanna, Katheryn, Benny and Mitch were halted by Officer Justin and Detective Logan who wanted to question them about the shooting. Hanna and Katheryn weren’t having any of it, just as Benny puffed his chest about accusations that he murdered Quincy. Ugh, I can already see where Mr. Perry is headed with this story. Benny is going to be framed for his involvement in Quincy’s murder, when it was actually Jeffrey who committed the deed.

It looks like the authorities got a few eyebrows raised when they learned that Mitch is a Malone. Jeez, I get so tired of hearing the same questions repeated over and over again. Benny just can’t seem to stay out of trouble, as the authorities arrested him for the murder of Quincy. This week the episode was slightly slow, so I’m hoping things pick up when the series returns on Tuesday, July 11. Ugh, we have to wait 2 weeks for ‘Temptation Tuesday’ HAHN die-hards!