HOLLYWOOD—We have been teased for weeks about Justin’s obsessive behavior over his lover Jeffery on Tyler Perry’s “The Haves and the Have Nots.” This week’s episode, a ‘Team of Rivals’ saw things kick-off in a tense matter with Justin holding a gun to his and Jeffery’s head! Jeffery put on the persona as being a tough guy by taunting Justin to put him out of his misery. It resulted in Jeffery delivering a wicked punch to Justin’s mouth. Jeffery made it crystal clear that if Justin ever tried such a tactic again he would murder him. Yet, Jeffery seems still entangled in this relationship even though I suspect things will not end well.

Looks like Mitch’s uncle Vinny might live from Wyatt’s brutal attack, but there will be blood to pay. Again, Justin’s rage is proving this is a fatal attraction. He trashed David’s condo, which left Jeffery a bit rattled. It almost felt as if Justin purposely did this as a way to lure Jeffery into his orbit. Thankfully, Jeffery realized the more distance he puts between him and Justin the better. Too bad I suspect that may not be a good thing. Erica was woke from her sleep by a phone call from Rocky warning him that Candace and Veronica are planning to burn her big time.

Rocky you’re playing with fire and you are about to pay one hell of a price, that you would never expect. Erica did her best to stay quiet, but that phone call woke David when Jeffery informed him his apartment was ransacked. Why didn’t Jeffery tell the truth, because David immediately jumped to the conclusion that Veronica was behind the catastrophe. Veronica was busy with Leslie who was giving the Ice Queen a striptease. Wyatt was INDEED locked up in the psych ward and got a bit of a surprise when he spotted Vinny (the guy he thought he killed being lured through the hospital on a stretcher).

Benny found himself at odds with Mitch, who alerted Benny that Vinny is being treated at the hospital. Mitch jumped to conclusions that Benny perhaps wanted Vinny to die. Mitch made veiled threats to Benny, and it seemed clear that this friendship is kaput. Candace devised a plan to teach Rocky a lesson he’ll never forget and it all involved a golf club. That Candace, when she gets her hands on a pole she can be treacherous, which scared the hell out of Gina to say the least. The vixen don’t mess around, I thought she was about to kill Rocky.

Benny entered the house in worse shape than when he left, which Hanna sensed as she prayed. Hanna sensed bad vibes from Veronica, which prompted Mama Bear to go to bat for her pal who has stood by her side. Benny wanted to toss Katheryn under the boss, which led to a battle between mother and son. Hanna did her best to try to convince Benny to not trust Veronica (and she has a point)! Katheryn decided a bit of tough love might be what Wyatt Cryer needs to reform their troubled son. Jim didn’t seem interested in listening to Katheryn’s wise words.

Katheryn wanted to turn Wyatt in, but Jim informed her she would not say a word. Their conversation was halted by Jeffery who informed them that he had Wyatt committed. Too bad, Katheryn didn’t clue Jim in on Wyatt’s current predicament. Ok, this game between Veronica and Leslie was fun at the beginning, but now it’s getting a bit boring. What? Gina has been working undercover as an informant to bust Candace; this is beyond crazy, just when I thought things couldn’t get more twisted.

The final moments of the show was a stunner to say the least with David bursting into Veronica’s house, as he delivered a ton of accusations. David was furious; we’ve never seen him this angry in years. Veronica continued to taunt David, who finally snapped and slapped Veronica over the couch. This season is bonkers crazy; never in a million years did I expect David to snap like that. It seems like EVERYONE has an ulterior motive!

Next week, Veronica is about to unleash wholly hell on her ex, Benny and Hanna learned just what Candace has been up to, and Jeffery has to make a choice that will change his life. Until next ‘Temptation Tuesday’ “Haves and Have Nots” die-hards!