HOLLYWOOD—Oh, Wyatt he is just spiraling further and further into oblivion on Tyler Perry’s “The Haves and the Have Nots.” Last week he stumbled into the Iron Bone Bar unbeknownst that Vinny and Sandi were waiting for him to carry out Mama Rose’s plan to get the $1 million she wants. This week’s episode, ‘The Executor’ saw Wyatt higher than a kite as he continued to feign for more heroin and tried to pawn off his mother’s jewelry as a bargaining tool.

Vinny wanted to toy with Wyatt a bit and it was interesting to say the least. Veronica in a mood, asked her new assistant, Laura to get to work on a bevy of tasks that she wanted completed. Jim started his search to find Wyatt by having his vehicle tracked, but unfortunately passwords were changed on his account which left him rattled to say the least. Hanna received a call from Jim who wanted PWs for the account, but she refused to budge.

Katheryn wanted an update on the condition of her son, and came face-to-face with a former classmate of her daughter Amanda. He aimed to pull some strings to help out the Cryer matriarch. Another inmate, by the name of Sylvia tried to rattle Katheryn, but little did that woman know the danger headed in her direction. Really? What the hell is this woman doing at David’s home yet again? Tyler Perry, really this is becoming a very and I mean very stale storyline and I’m annoyed to the core. Madison and Jeffery continued to flourish with their relationship, but little did they know that danger is lurking in the name of Justin, who showed up at the doorstep. Jeffrey was livid, but Justin continued to schmooze after his former flame. Too bad things turned ugly when Justin’s brother Tanner witnessed what Justin was up to. It resulted in a brutal punch to the stomach.

Candace continued to get hiccups in her plans to escape her past, and it all started with checking in to a luxury hotel after being booted from Hanna’s home. David showed up at the Cryer estate annoying Hanna about his task of being Jim’s lapdog. OMG, what is it with these insipid storylines? Ugh, Charles again and this boring senator storyline. It didn’t got anywhere during the several episodes of the first half of the season, just pointless banter that went nowhere.

Hanna did David a favor against her chagrin and finally someone called him out on his ‘truth.’ He decided to share a bit about his past that sheds a ton of light about his behavior and how he treated his mother whom he was embarrassed about. He made it clear that he admired her, which is making me question Veronica’s dreams about David sparking a relationship with Hanna. Laura started her masterplan of utilizing her husband to catch Veronica’s eye and it started to work perfectly.

Wyatt found himself in a predicament as Vinny and Sandi were ready to take him out courtesy of Mama Rose. Vinny wanted Sandi to take out Wyatt, but he was not able to do so. As a result, Vinny took the gun and fired a shot as Sandi gasped. So we are made to think that Wyatt is dead, but we all know that is way too easy. With that said, next week the search for Wyatt intensifies, Candace is drawn back into Charles orbit and it looks like Benny gets what he needs about Derrick. Let the games begin on ‘Temptation Tuesday’ until then “Haves and Have Nots” die-hards!