HOLLYWOOD—Two episodes America, we ONLY have 2 more episodes before Tyler Perry’s “The Haves and the Have Nots” comes to a close. I’m already dreading the end nearing of my weekly guilty pleasure. This week’s episode, ‘Trespassing’ saw Benny continue to play with fire knowing the danger that is lurking not realizing the grave he is digging for himself with Rianna and the two decided to take this relationship if you can call it that to new heights. David was inquisitive about Jeffrey’s guest, Tanner, who David wanted information on Justin’s brother and dear ole dad poked questions to get Jeffrey to see that he would be walking into a trap.

Jim stopped by David’s home and was surprised that the security guard he fired was now working for David. Jim didn’t just come by to chat with his friend; he came to ask for $100,000. David explained that Mama Rose had to retire because of ‘health’ problems and she moved to Florida. They learned that Vinny is a vicious fiend and they have to tread lightly. David you are just as wicked as Jim. If you think you can do all the dirty things you’ve been up to and not have karma come back your way you need to think again.

The notion of having the Malone clan take out Candace is wicked and I can see explosions about to culminate that the audience will not see coming. Hanna was not happy to phone Jim on Katheryn’s behalf to make him take action to protect Wyatt. Oh, it was hilarious listening to Jim bad mouth Hanna while she was listening. Rianna was having regrets about sleeping with Benny worried that the retaliation headed his way will not be good.

Broderick was still refusing to leave Wyatt’s residence, as Rocky warned him that he would be asking for trouble if he stayed. Rocky you heeded smart advice, as Hanna was at the door, soon followed by Jim. Jim questioned Broderick about Wyatt’s whereabouts. Candace called Landon about those funds that she needed to move to a business account. So it became apparent NOT only do Landon and Charles know where Candace is located (which is good news for the chaos that is headed your way).

Landon wanted Candace to do an interview that could completely change her life, and it became a game of tic-for-tac and it caused Landon to call her out on her behavior. Senator Connelly stopped by to Landon’s annoyance, as Oliver heard an earful from Landon about the senator being around more than usual. Looks like Oliver knows that Connelly has an angle, one that involves Candace, but can Oliver connect the dots before it’s too late.

I’m still stunned that Candace didn’t share that the senator came to see her while she chatted with Landon. It did become clear to Charles that his so called mentor might be up to no good! Senator Connelly you are showing your true colors buddy. Landon gave the audience the tea on Connelly and his goal to make money. Charles spoke to Candace who dropped a bomb by revealing that she is pregnant. It blew Charles’ world apart and confirmed to him that the child is his. Oh, if Charles was not wrapped up in Candace’s world before he is now tied to her for an eternity people and will do everything to protect her. Landon already knew about Candace’s pregnancy people, he just needed the confirmation.

Back at David’s place, Jeffrey was stunned to learn that Madison was assaulted by Wyatt who just happened to show up at the home and fists were thrown. Jeffrey was warned about Wyatt’s antics and that he has drugged himself to the core. Madison was peeved that Wyatt made him look like a fool while at work. Madison was aware that Wyatt was beyond high. Wyatt was cornered and as a result he found himself restrained.

The episode culminated with a surprise, as Candace came face-to-face with a face from her past Oscar. What kind of trickery is Tyler Perry up to this time around people? Oscar was very much dead when he was pushed out of a window and confirmed dead by the authorities. So it became apparent that Candace was dreaming, her past was coming back to haunt her. Next week is the penultimate episode, and it looks good.

Veronica is up to something with DNA results, Wyatt is near death again, Hanna comes face-to-face with a woman and a baby and it looks like death is literally knocking on everyone’s door. Two more episodes “HAHN” fans before it all culminates. Next week has to be good as the groundwork for the series finale is about to be set. Until next ‘Temptation Tuesday’ “Haves and Have Nots” die-hards!