MALIBU—On Tuesday, September 22, a hammerhead shark was spotted near the Malibu Pier.

Around 2:45 p.m. Tuesday afternoon a fisherman reported to lifeguards he encountered an eight-foot hammerhead shark.

According to the fisherman, he managed to catch the shark on his fishing line, but the shark managed to break free from his hook. When searching for the shark in the waters of the Pacific Ocean, the shark managed to be caught a second time by the same exact fisherman. The shark escaped the fisherman’s hook again and was not seen again by either the fisherman or any of the lifeguards.

The lifeguards continued to patrol the waters Tuesday afternoon ensure that the shark was not in the vicinity of the waters. The beach was not closed because the shark did not posing a threat to any of the people in the surrounding area. The lifeguards warned visitors to the beach of the shark sighting. It was reported that some people exited the waters.

This has not been the only hammerhead shark sighting that has been spotted of the coast. A couple of weeks ago, a kayaker was bitten by a hammerhead shark in Malibu. The recent spike in hammerhead shark sightings is being contributed to the El Nino like weather and they are attributed to residing in warmers waters.

Hammerhead sharks main food source migration patterns have been adjusted because of the El Nino like weather, which has pushed them closer to the California Coast.