HOLLYWOOD—Oh, America I don’t know where to begin with the ABC soap “General Hospital.” I guess I have to start with the truth finally coming out that Nina is Willow’s actual birth mother people. Yeah, Harmony shared that tea with Carly right before she died. Carly was flabbergasted and it was apparent she wanted to share the truth with Willow who did NOT believe that Harmony was not her actual mother. Then it hit Willow, it all makes sense.

She murdered Neil because he knew the truth, and once Branden, his brother knew the truth Harmony took him out as well before nearly killing Alexis and Carly because she didn’t want the truth to be exposed before Sasha struck her with a car and ending her life. Yeah, that’s a lot to take in people and we will explore the Sasha element a lot more later! Carly loves having this leverage on Nina; you reap what you sew. Nina knew all about Sonny being alive and stayed mum for months, so it’s only fitting for Carly to return the favor. However, it’s a bit more complicated because Willow is married to Michael, Carly’s son, and raising her grandson, Wiley who actually is Willow’s nephew so that’s a stunner people.

I really want this secret to come out now, but me knowing the writers at “GH” they are going to drag this until November Sweeps 2022. We can only hope this is NOT dragged out till 2023. When the truth comes out it will indeed be fun because Nina is going after Michael and Willow in court and for the jugular, not realizing she is actually torching her relationship with her daughter at the same time. Will Willow forgive? I don’t know, but it will be fun to watch people, especially after Carly took that DNA test getting the confirmation she needed that Nina and Willow are indeed related and Drew played her sidekick all along. Yeah, we might see this secret exposed a lot sooner than later fingers crossed!

Esme Prince is still deceiving people in Port Charles, but Spencer now has leverage as a bit of snooping helped him discover letters Esme has been receiving from her nanny and close confidant at a time, Maggie. Maggie knows all about Ryan Chamberlain being Esme’s father people and if that secret comes out it will blow her entire plan to pieces. Esme was stunned to see Spencer snooping thru her things, just as it became clear to him Esme is LYING, and he found that vile of pills too people. This is getting juicy.

I mean her goal is to blow up Ava and Nikolas’ marriage and she has made some progress, but has failed to realize that Ava Jerome is not a woman to toy with and Ava is starting to get annoyed with Esme and Nikolas is just an idiot not realizing the danger right next to him. So much to the point he got into a scuffle with Sonny Corinthos. Sonny said what we all said: “Open your eyes Nikolas!”

That is not a guy you want as an enemy Nikolas, not at all. Brook Lynn and Chase are continuing to dance around their romance, Finn discovered what I noted ions ago that Liz might be suffering from DID, Marshall fled PC, but TJ was eager to bond with his grandfather and is there anything I’m missing? I don’t think so besides Sasha continuing to spiral more and more people and her drugs being exposed by Gladys and Valentin of all people. I’m stunned that Gladys and Valentin didn’t just come out and confront Sasha. They have all the evidence and it’s better to nip it in the bud now before it gets worse people.

Must admit the sparks between Rory and Trina are there people. He’s a cop, so that is interesting, but Esme loves this because it means Trina won’t be eyeing Spencer, but I think this will ONLY force the jealous gene to explode in Spencer who really wants to be Trina’s hero people so an interesting love triangle could be in the works, but I sense the writers are going to attempt to redeem Esme in some sort of way considering who her father is people, time will tell “GH” fans!