HOLLYWOOD—Last week’s episode of “The Haves and Have Nots” ended with Hanna catching her son Benny in bed with cougar Veronica. This week’s episode amply title ‘The Cougar,’ saw a confrontation long overdue between Hanna and Veronica where harsh words were traded.

Hanna did her best to gather her thoughts to prevent David from discovering that Benny and Veronica were getting hot and heavy in the next room, and demanded the keys. She was beyond pissed. David came face-to-face with Benny and asked questions about his wife and his truck. Awkward! David noticed plenty of handprints on the windows in his car, but is he wise enough to realize what has transpired.

When he left the home, Hanna unleashed wholly hell on her son and his new bed buddy. She alerted Mrs. Harrington to call her car service outside her home. When Veronica made it apparent she planned to wait at Hanna’s home, the Christian informed her to wait outside. “Girl, you are black,” quipped Hanna when Veronica claimed the area was dangerous.

If the audience thought Hanna could be wicked to Candace, she was just as cruel to her son Benny. This woman is no joke. He made it clear that he was grown and exited the compound, but not before Hanna had a conversation with the Ice Queen. Candace received news about the closing on the two homes she purchased. Drama ensued when she received a visit from Jeffrey and Melissa about their predicament. Candace demanded that Melissa take a pregnancy test to confirm their suspicions.

Jeffrey was none too pleased to learn he is about to be a father, and Candace did her best to try to reason with Melissa about the wicked woman Veronica truly is. This forced Melissa to unleash a fury unlike any other, which didn’t surprise Candace one bit. Why do I have a feeling that Melissa might not be sticking around the abode for too long. Candace was surprised to see Benny arrive at her hotel room requesting those funds that he needed, as she planned to show him a surprise.

Jim, desperate to prove to his son that he is no longer playing games, took his son to prison to give him a taste of what life behind bars is truly like. Wyatt discovered the hard way, that jail is no funhouse when he was forced to get processed, fingerprinted, take a mug shot and have a full cavity search, which the youngest Cryer resisted.

Benny demanded that his sister take him to her job, as he was slightly skeptical about her ability to purchase such lavish items. When he discovered that his sister purchased the building he wanted for his towing company, he called her bluff, which unnerved her slightly.

Maggie received an update from David on the whereabouts of his truck. This woman is a complete mess, she is already well aware of the affair between Veronica and Benny. She did everything in her power to clue David as to what was transpiring, but he didn’t pick up on things. He was interrupted by a call from Candace who demanded that he arrange things for her ‘new job.’

When Candace learned David met Benny that sent a red flag to her, and she made threats yet again. Hanna interrogated Veronica about her fling with her son. She warned Veronica that she had 24 hours to tell her husband the truth or she would drop the bomb. When Veronica decided to dismiss Hanna and her ghetto lifestyle, and threats were made.

Jim smirked at the experience his son endured, but it became apparent that Wyatt still hasn’t been scared straight. So to further push his agenda, he asked Norman to explain to his son the harsh realities of prison and had his son trade places with Norman to give him a taste of life behind bars. Wyatt looks scared to say the least. Can’t wait for next week, looks like Benny will finally get the truth from Quincy, until next week “Haves and Have Nots” die-hards!