HOLLYWOOD—Last week’s episode of “Pretty Little Liars” gave audiences an indicator of the nefarious plans that Charles aka “A” had up their sleeve for their homecoming. This week’s episode ‘O Brother, Where Art Thou’ pushed audiences closer to solving the mystery of who the person in the black hoodie truly is.

Spencer and Aria did their best to obtain details on how to remove their microchips to prevent being tracked from “A.” Mona delivered explosive news to the ladies that Leslie was willing to disclose details, but were worried about Alison’s whereabouts. The audience discovers that Mr. DiLaurentis has taken Ali out of town, where Ali discovered that Charles is very much alive.

Ashley surprised Hanna with news for a $30,000 check to help pay for her college; it led to a happy moment, but why do I fear “A” had a string in this surprise. Emily received a visit from Claire; a past friend of Sara. Spencer was ecstatic to see Toby return to Rosewood, and she is still keeping secrets from her beau. Mona, Hanna, Aria and Spencer were not happy when Leslie chose not to show up. The ladies were peeved with the deception, which led to further questioning by the liars about Mona maybe knowing “A” without knowing it. Why didn’t they ask these questions like three seasons ago?

Sara and Emily discussed the kiss that further complicated their relationship. Lorenzo came face-to-face with Jason who admitted that Ali was out of town, but it was quite apparent he was hiding something. Charles left a gift for his baby brother to lure him into a trap, but would Jason take the bait? Ok, Aria is creeping me out with her doll collection. Wow, Mike Montgomery has returned to the foray. Why do I have the feeling that Aria and her dolls are a much bigger clue to the identity of “A?” Mike questioned his big sister about why Mona hasn’t returned any of his calls.

Hanna did bigger digging about her scholarship and learned that perhaps her funds came from the DiLaurentis family. Emily seemed slightly peeved that Sara and Claire were bonding so easily. Hmm, seems Emily is a bit protective over Sara. Spencer and Hanna are geniuses. They finally discovered where Charles may have been getting his funds from. Spencer received a call from Ali who alerted her BFF that Charles planned to return home to celebrate his b-day.

Hanna, Spencer and Emily stop by Ali’s home to see Jason, but it was dead in the water. Finally, Mona came face-to-face with Mike, where she was driven with guilt over her actions. What a sweet moment, as the two discussed their past before sharing a kiss. Aria and Emily weren’t ready to track Charles, while Hanna and Spencer were desperate to nab their captor with the help of Toby. She divulged the entire truth about who “A” truly is; but Toby’s reaction to that photo seemed to say everything. Could he actually be “A,” I’m starting to think so, and he could have the twin the writers have teased!

Mike (Cody Christian Allen) returned to Rosewood to confront Mona.
Mike (Cody Christian Allen) returned to Rosewood to confront Mona.

So the ladies decided to finally remove their chips to hinder being tracked. Hmm, Charles is probably well aware of what the liars are up to. Toby took some initiative and put his foot down for once, preventing the liars from putting themselves in danger. Oh, no Toby scarfed down Spencer’s candy not realizing that he was actually consuming pot, while putting Lorenzo in a tough spot.

Jason waited to meet “A” in a dilapidated abode, just as our villain assumed the liars were all at the Hastings compound. Hard to believe that “A” was finally outwitted by the liars! Wow, Ali was able to escape from her dad with the help of Mona of all people! Ali made a gutsy move by contacting the authorities and letting them know just who her tormentor is.

Jason did his best to get his older brother ‘Charlie’s’ attention. The duo met in what appeared to be a run-down arcade. Just as Jason was about to come face-to-face with his brother, Toby and Lorenzo showed up and “A” went on attack mode aiming baseballs and steel poles at everyone. Uh-oh, the liars could end up paying dearly for this betrayal, and Toby might be out of a job.

Hanna heard an earful from her mother, and later told Ashley that the scholarship money could be tainted, but to her surprise the funds were already deposited. Aria received comfort from Mike, but she gave him the cold shoulder, before he delivered a piece of mail which could change her life. Toby was none too pleased with Spencer, just as Emily realized that Sara was indeed leaving her abode. Ali did her best to convince Jason from taking a drink of Scotch (hmm, another clue to the “A” game). The siblings heard a kid’s voice from upstairs asking him to “play” with him.

A video was projected showcasing Alison, Jason and Charles playing with each other as their mother whispered in the background to her son that he didn’t have to go back right away. Our nefarious fiend left a message for his brother stating, “I wAnted to trust you.”

The final moments saw “A” putting together a present, but later ripping it apart to reveal a picture of him, Ali and Jason. Gosh with only three episodes left before the big reveal as much as I’d like to feel I’m close to piecing together the puzzle, that crucial clue has yet to be delivered. Until next Tuesday “PLL” fanatics!