UNITED STATES—I am processing a devastating blow to my family in the past week. I got some news that caused me to stress a bit because it was such a last minute notice I just had to process what I learned and do the best with the information presented to me. I’m a big proponent if a family member is dealing with a health crisis, especially a sibling or parent that they alert me. My dad had some health issues in the past, ones that were life and death, but he pulled through.

We are now again battling another serious situation that when I first heard about it, my mind went in all the wrong directions possible. However, I took a moment and tried to recollect my thoughts and breathe. Sometimes you just have to breathe to see there is always hope and possibilities for great things to unfold. The best decision I could have made was going to the doctor with him to find out exactly what is going on. He had been lying or keeping secrets for several weeks, claiming all was ok, when in reality it was not, not at all.

One of his organs is failing and now we are in a situation where he is going to potentially need an organ donation and just the thought of that is scary to say the least. I mean the hospital was great, the nurses, the surgeons, everyone that we spoke to was clear and precise on the health condition, what is going on with the organ, what are the options, what are possible complications, side-effects and so much more. I have never felt like a bit of pressure being relieved after hearing about a devastating diagnosis.

It felt like the end of the world when I first learned of my dad’s situation. It kind of hit me, “Man, I could be losing my father.” That is a tough reality to grapple with, but then I had to tell myself, I have God in my prayers; I have to think positive and just focus, just focus on something good happening. Even if it feels like all odds are against you, but you never know. In life miracles happen time and time again, sometimes they happen when you least expect it, but they do indeed happen sometimes.

So now it is digesting all the material given to me, understanding the potential risks of donating an organ, having tests and pre-screening to ensure I’m a viable candidate and then going from there. My driver license makes it crystal clear if something happens to me, my organs are to be donated. I do believe that is important because one of my organs could save a person’s life. I know there are people who don’t think or feel that way, but I’m the opposite. If I’m no longer here on this planet I want to ensure someone else gets a second chance at life and my organs are not just rotting six feet under.

I know I’m going to be tested; if I can donate an organ that saves a life, I am all for it. I am going to see other siblings get tested and my family at this point coalescing in a vital time of need and being around loved ones. My brain is indeed running a million miles a minute, but I’m hopeful and just focusing on trying positive and understanding in life things happen and now is a time where you’re going to be tested and family has to bond now more than ever. While scared to death, I’m glad I know the situation than not knowing it at all.

Written By Jason Jones