HOLLYWOOD—Ok, I have to eat my words a bit as a curveball was delivered to me in the recent week of the CBS soap “The Bold and the Beautiful.” I was certain and I mean certain that Hope Logan was going to accept Thomas’ second marriage proposal after he designed her that gorgeous gown. Look we already know soaps will drag a storyline to the depths of Earth if possible. That is just how the soap opera arena operates.

Hope, after contemplating then informed Thomas that she was not ready for another marriage. Cue “B&B” fans shouting that they are happy with the results. Why? It just feels icky. I mean Thomas kept a baby from Hope for months and would have kept hiding the secret if Douglas had not spilled the truth. Yes, he has done plenty of work to rehabilitate himself, but that doesn’t mean Hope has to forgive him for it.

This narrative with Thomas and Hope has me conflicted because I want Hope to be the one to see the issue with the relationship, not outsides source, who have no business sticking their nose where it doesn’t belong. Thomas was devastated when Hope didn’t accept his second marriage proposal. Thomas, this woman just literally got divorced from the person she has loved her entire life just months ago, she shacked up with you in the oddest of circumstances and you think she’s going to be ready for another marriage with the snap of a finger? You have got to be kidding me!?

Then you have Steffy. I love her at times, but right now she is annoying the hell out of me. You just killed someone Steffy for the second time in Sheila Carter. How about your sit down, take a moment and process that. To be honest, I truly hope (no pun intended), this situation involving Thomas, is the nail in the coffin for Steffy’s world to come crumbling down. Finn still has resentment towards his wife; something tells me Sheila is not dead. It just feels way too easy, and a twist has to be headed in the audience’s direction.

Not to mention the audience hasn’t seen her actual face. We saw her body in the morgue (covered up), but no actual face, and what about that missing toe that we all know Sheila no longer has? Something screams a double took over as Sheila, while she is off planning the demise of her foe and honestly, I want to see Steffy suffer a bit. She sticks her nose too many times in other people’s business, and this might be the lesson she needs to learn to focus on her own issues.

Then you have Ridge treating Thomas with kid gloves. That is the problem there, Steffy and Ridge. Thomas already knew what he was getting into when he decided to pursue and open his heart to Hope. He should have NEVER even considered marriage after having sexual escapades for a few weeks. It is way too soon dude, open your eyes already. This is only going to lead to friction with Brooke and Ridge, and I can tell you with certainty, no viewers want to see that.

Is there anything else on the soap opera worth discussing? The Zende, Luna and RJ tryst, who actually cares. Poppy and Bill, it was semi-interesting until it became clear that Bill is probably not Luna’s father, so there’s nothing there. Like truth be told, where are the actual storylines for this soap? You have all these characters, but no stories to actually tell, c’mon already someone in the writers room needs to get things cooking already.