PACIFIC PALISADES— Once known as the villains of The Hills reality T.V. show, Heidi and Spencer Pratt are now parents and have vowed to change their lives around.

The couple started out as characters in a 2006 reality show named The Hills which centered around Lauren Conrad and her friends while they navigated their love lives and sought after careers in fashion or the lime light. Heidi was introduced as Lauren’s housemate and friend and soon after became known as the villain, alongside her partner, Spencer. Daily drama would ensue with a wedge being driven between Lauren and Heidi’s friendship.

Eventually, The Hills ended and while some characters went on to have successful careers, Heidi and Spencer spent the money they earned on the show as quickly as they got it. The couple was set to start their own spin-off show but it never came to fruition. Instead, the couple went on to do guest spots on other T.V shows and eventually “drying out” from the spotlight.

Heidi became known more for the many plastic surgeries she had done on herself rather than for anything else. Her and her husband’s relationship was often the focus of attention as they were known for constantly arguing and creating “drama”. Eventually, the pair had to utilize Spencer’s family for assistance and moved into a house that belonged to his parents in the city of Carpinteria.

The couple seemed to have enough of this life and together fought to get back on their feet. They welcomed their first and only child, Gunner, in October 2017 and soon after moved back to Los Angeles and purchased their own home in Pacific Palisades where Heidi is a full-time mommy.

The two returned to reality T.V. with The Hills: New Beginnings, a spin off of the original show that brought the couple together and the fame they are known for. They also own a company called “Pratt Daddy Crystals”, which the website describes as:

“An exclusive line of jewelry that radiates beauty and heals the soul every hour of every day.”

The website states that each piece is curated by Spencer himself and explains that he began this company in order to help his wife heal and feel better after her many surgeries, which caused her immense pain. To view or purchase products, please visit www. .