HOLLYWOOD—Yes, from Hollywood royalty to a diet that’s fit for a duchess, stars are dropping pounds. While counting calories, cutting carbs, eating gluten-free, no-fat or low-fat…what’s the latest trend in Hollywood? Sure, they may have the most-glamorous jet-setting lives, but even celebrities are fighting the bulge. Whether they’re slimming down for movie roles or just trying to shed the last few pounds of pesky baby weight. A-listers are counting calories, managing portions, and watching the weight whittle away.

Counting calories, cutting carbs, high protein, low-fat or no-fat…what’s the latest diet trend? When it comes down to it, celebrities are just like the rest of us in terms of struggling with their weight as the demands of Hollywood to stay thin and fit often go hand-in-hand with the longevity of one’s career. After all, when was the last time you saw a plus-sized actor grace the cover of People magazine as the Sexiest Man or Woman of the year?

While guys like John Candy, John Belushi, John Goodman and Jackie Gleason, the king of comedy, all proved to be the exception to the rule in the world of comedy. Women, however, still have a high standard for celebrities to be wafer thin. In fact, actresses and artists like Melissa McCarthy, Adele, Queen Latifah and even Katie Perry are all frowned upon and criticized for being a little too curvy and voluptuous. God, forbid, if any celebrity packs on few pounds, you can bet they’re sure to hear about it from the media.

Let’s look at some celebrities that have struggled the most with their weight over the years and which ones have seen complete transformations? Kate Middleton reportedly turned to the French-based Dukan Diet to further trim her royal physique. Then we have dancer/actress Julianne Hough, who relies on meal delivery service, The French Diet to keep her calories intact, and her portions controlled.

Singer Katy Perry has celebrity trainer Harley Pasternak, who reportedly supplements her workouts with Pasternak’s 5 Factor Diet. It’s a five daily easy-to-prep meals in five ingredients, including protein and fiber. Singer Janet Jackson uses Nutrisystem that provides heat-and-eat foods. She can afford it, it normally costs $300 a month. Mariah Carey, who gave birth to twins, has emerged with a svelte new figure and endorsement deal with weight-loss company Jenny (formerly Jenny Craig).

Patti Stanger, who I met two years ago looked fabulous, however, set tongues wagging and blogs buzzing, when she lost 30 pounds. Stanger had the hit show “The Millionaire Matchmaker,” on Bravo, which is now airing on WE.

Victoria Beckham gained a reported 30-pounds on her super-thin frame while pregnant with daughter Harper Seven. What’s a spice girl to do? She decided to read the book “Skinny Bitch,” sending the book sales through the roof when she was photographed carrying the diet tome. The 42-year-old reportedly tried the Five Hands Diet, which allows the dieter only five handfuls of food per day (I’m starving just thinking about it).

Khloe Kardashian, has been working out vigorously and she has dropped those unwanted pounds. Resistance training is likely another form of working out that you’ve heard a lot about in recent years. Creating lean muscle not only gives you that sexy, trim look, but also helps raise your base metabolism-permanently!

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