HOLLYWOOD HILLS—The Fringe Festival, which originated in Edinburgh in 1947, opened its 9th annual Hollywood edition on June 7, allowing for more than 300 shows to take place in over 30 different locations throughout Hollywood. The festival gives amateur playwrights and actors the opportunity to showcase their talent and new creations.

Before the event kicked-off, organizers of the festival put up several workshops to help first time Fringe producers make their shows a reality. “Fringe Veterans,” explain how the Fringe Festival was created to emphasize the quality of the acting and the writing. Production value becomes secondary to favor the artistic aspect of the performances.

One of the aspects that makes the Fringe Festival unique is its interactive nature. By organizing several events, the festival encourages all the creative professionals to mingle and to assist one another. It helps create what the organizers call “Fringeships.”

Elza Hofeld, one of the interns of the Fringe Festival for its 2018 edition, spoke to Canyon News. According to Hofeld, the appeal of the Fringe Festival is in the many styles of performances that it offers. She explains that the Fringe can host dance performances, readings, one-man shows, musicals, plays, and even more experimental performance arts.

One of her many pleasures while working for the Fringe Festival was to encounter individuals not familiar with the Hollywood theater scene. The festival is an opportunity to help them discover the wide range of performances that are available to them.

The Hollywood Fringe Festival will be held until Sunday, June 22, and tickets to the many shows can be purchased online at: http://www.hollywoodfringe.org/.

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