HELLO AMERICA!—It is so good to see that the TV and Motion Picture is slowly opening their doors for action again.  Producers and agents are setting up meetings to discuss possible shows and films they were forced to put aside until it was genuinely safe.  My representative, Lloyd Robinson, was forced to postpone meetings with 20th Century Fox and a few others concerning our sitcom, “The House on Laurel Canyon,” because of the dreadful virus.  Depression, as you all can possibly attest to, hit the industry like a bolt of lightning. A few days ago, my phone began to ring off the wall with the news that the TV studios are slowly developing schedules to continue meetings with agents, producer and directors who previously were set for work before the virus hit the entire nation.

Young actor, Brian Rohan gave me a call to announce that even though he was having a stressful time dealing with the realities of survival at the moment, he was fortunate enough to participate in a Zoom production of a film script called “Marilyn, Mom, and Me.”  He said, “It was great to perform again even though it was from his couch.”  Producers’ eyes were totally opened when Brian performed a production of “It’s A Wonderful Life” made famous by the late star James Stewart.  When watching Brian playing this role on stage, it was amazing that he looked so much like a young “Jimmy Stewart” with the same kind of high pitched voice exploding everyplace. It was wonderful.

I continue to receive messages from New York producers and directors indicating they are preparing their respective plays and musicals to hit the Broadway scene one way or the other. Young producer, Tom Poole made it very clear that one way or another, he was determined to get another one of his plays, if not in a Broadway Theater but one that “distancing” can be utilized in a sensible way, hopefully not to lose too much at the box office. Most actors and musicians have let it be known that one way or another, they are determined to hit the stage again and do their thing.  HEY! That is really for real show biz!

I received a very warm message from Dario, an Italian actor who letting me know that he is hungry to leave Rome for Hollywood. He says, “Mike it’s where I belong! I have done several films here, but everyone understands that unless you work in an American or Hollywood produced film, your career is simply at stand-still. Dario added that he has been in contact with numerous actors, directors and the lot and they are all anxious to hit the journey to Hollywood. “There is no place like Tinsel-town as we all refer to it here in Rome. I won’t rest until I land in Los Angeles. I have dreamt of it all of my life. I know it is the right time now, I feel it in my soul!”

The owner of one of our small theaters on Fairfax called to announce he would be sending me casting information for a production that was postponed right after the virus broke. His play, “Music in the Wrong Places,” a comedy he is anxious to get on stage will introduce a number of new young faces to the entertainment industry.  Of course, this is very good news knowing our talented young people are set for a return to any set or stage.  This is why I respect and honor the genuine and gifted artists who, no matter what the challenge, is determined to fulfil their dreams.

Levi Miller, who owns one of the most popular radio stations in Atlanta, GA, let me know that he has gotten together with several entertainment people to produce a film based on Hollywood.  He promised to send me more information about the script and what stars or industry notables will possibly be approached for the project itself.  “We are going to try and bring back a real taste of old Hollywood in every way possible.  The world needs to remember, that’s for sure.”