SHERMAN OAKS—On Wednesday, September 21, a man named Cameron Nero was caught on camera throwing feces on a vehicle belonging to the owner of the Blue Dog Beer Tavern located in Sherman Oaks. Fox 11 obtained the original footage and since the video has gone viral. 

The owner of the business, Paul Scrivano, reached out to LA City Council about the incident and was issued the following statement:

“In future we request that you do not send these types of photos to our staff, as we will not be able to respond if they contain inappropriate content such as a person indecently exposed,” the statement read. “While it is not right that you and your customers were confronted with this, it is also crossing a boundary to send these photos to our staff unsolicited.”

Scrivano told Fox 11 in an interview that LA City Councilwoman Nithya Raman “does not care.” 

He also told Fox 11 in an interview that “every single day, every single morning, I’m wiping that off my property before I have to do business.”

According to latest reports the business has received help from the LAPD. On September 22 Nero, who was in front of the tavern committing the act was apprehended by police. Scrivano told the media outlet that he has called before about Nero and others but he claims that the police had “no appetite to make an arrest.” He then thanked Fox 11 for covering the story.

Nero, accused Scrivano of harassment because he was taking pictures of him. Scrivano stated that he has mixed feelings about the arrest considering that Nero possibly faces mental health issues. 

Canyon News reached out to the LA City Council and the Blue Dog Beer Tavern for more information but did not hear back before print.